I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays

Good morning to all of you for whom it is morning. And it’s the very worst kind of morning: a Monday morning.

But fear not, for this is the page where we do the rabbit ears sign behind Monday morning’s head as it’s having a really important photo taken, and post a song so irresistably great none of us will be able to remain in a skulking under-duvet torper, willing our alarm clocks to retreat by at least 24 hours.

And here, from the days before they were known as Diana Ross &…. (and I literally mean days – this was their final single release before Ms Ross’s moniker moved centre stage), it’s The Supremes:

The Happening

The Supremes – The Happening

Is there a group called The Happening? If so, they should totally release a single called The Supremes and see what confusion hilariously ensues. (If there is, they probably spell their name wackily, like The Hppning or something.)

More soon.