Sunday Morning Coming Down

After last week’s glorious  hillbilly stomp from a slightly surprising location (the North East of England), more of the same this week, but with the sat nav controls set to the Midlands, and to Stourbridge, to be precise.

After the success of the indie power pop of their first album, the direction that The Wonder Stuff went in with their second album was a bit of a surprise, with the introduction of violinist and banjoist (is that what banjo players are called..?) Martin “Fiddly” Bell. He pops up quite a lot on Hup, their second album; this was the second single (a different version to the one on the album):

Golden Green Front

The Wonder Stuff – Golden Green

If you’re idea of The Wonder Stuff is Size of a Cow/Vic and Bob-era singles, you might want to give that a listen. It’ll change your opinion, I reckon.

More soon.

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