Back to School, Back to Reality #4

Last one of these.

There was very little to do after school when I was a kid. There was a youth club every other Tuesday, but as I lived in a village about five miles away with little to no public transport between the two, even if I’d had the faintest interest in attending, it would have proved logistically problematic.

As far as I could work out from my peers who did attend, it seemed to include mostly playing pool and getting into fights with bigger boys, and I had a table-top snooker table and my brother for those things, so I really didn’t feel I was missing out on much.

And then, in 2003, The Darkness released their debut album Permission to Land. I first heard The Darkness when they opened the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury in 2003. They went on to have a few hits, before everyone decided they were a bit of a novelty band, shortly after they released that Christmsd record of theirs.

I’m certainly not about to try and challenge that perception; however whenever I hear this track from Permission… I do rather wonder if I missed out on post-school activities:


The Darkness – Friday Night

More soon.

Back to School, Back to Reality #3

Just like me and homework, this post is a day late getting delivered.

It’s also probably going to be longer than most of the essays I handed in during my school years.

Ask most people to name a song by Semisonic, and I’d say that probably 99% of those who were able to, would say Secret Smile.

They probably wouldn’t plump for the follow-up single which I’m featuring today, which was released two years after the aforementioned smasheroo, but reached the dizzy heights of #35 in the UK, and #39 in the US. As far as I can glean, it was their last single.

And just like Girls Aloud’s Biology isn’t really about biology lessons, so Semisonic’s Chemistry isn’t really about chemistry lessons. In case you’re unclear, the cover for the accompanying album All About Chemistry gives you a not too subtle clue:

ae7faf42a1a92b8990a78bd6b8046237_1000x1000x1Semisonic – Chemistry

See? Rudes.

I don’t have any anecdotes to impart about Chemistry lessons, except that we used to call our chemistry teacher Mr Sutcliffe, because he had hair and a beard a bit like The Yorkshire Ripper.

Kids can be cruel, can’t they?

More soon.