Back to School, Back to Reality #1

Not only am I not too keen on Mondays, there’s another day which, when I was a kid, I also was less than enamoured with: the day I had to pull my blazer back on, throw my satchel over my shoulder and head back to school. The end of the summer holidays.

Thankfully, it’s not something I have to endure any more, nor do I have any little darlings of my own that I’m currently breathing a huge sigh of relief about seeing the back of as they return to school this week (in most places).

So to mark Back to School week, I figured I’d dig out some sort of school related tunes for the rest of the week.

I wasn’t exactly a model pupil when I was at school, more interested with mucking about and making people laugh than I was in knuckling down and making teacher graphs (to appropriate a Belle & Sebastian lyric).

When my folks attended a school parents evening at the end of what was Year 3 back then, my Biology teacher told them how surprised she was that I had opted to take her class for the final two years, give how little interest I had shown in the previous three.

But I think that had this sultry fivesome been serenading me about the virtues of Biology, I may have paid a teensy bit more attention in class:


Girls Aloud – Biology

More soon. Tomorrow, probably.