I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays

Harumph. It’s Monday again.

I fancy posting something by New Order, but given that this is a series where I try to avert your attention away from just how gruesome Mondays are, that rules out Blue Monday, brilliant record that it is. (I appreciate I’m not exactly going out on a limb with that statement.)

So here, if I’m honest, is one of the last singles they released that I truly love:


New Order – Regret

Now. When I’m about to make a statement along the lines of “New Order haven’t released a single that I truly love since 1993” my wise old brain tells me that I’d better check that, just in case.

I mention this because as I was checking I hadn’t forgotten a single somewhere (I hadn’t, but for the record, and ignoring the remixes of Blue Monday and True Faith that routinely pop up, sure, there have been singles since then that I’ve likedCrystal, Here To Stay, Krafty at a push. But loved? Nope.), I stumbled across this factoid:

In 1993, New Order filmed a live performance of the song for Top of the Pops in Venice Beach California as part of an episode of the hit series Baywatch, featuring David Hasselhoff and various background actors and bikini-clad actresses dancing and playing on the beach.

Now, believe it or not, I have never seen an episode of Baywatch. I know what the basic premise of the show is, of course, but that’s information I picked up from watching another show:

And so, I found it hard to believe that a credible band like New Order could possibly have appeared on something like Baywatch.



Look out for the Hasselhoff/Hook link-up in the next Farm Foods advertising campaign.

More soon.