Well, Hello Donny (Slight Return)

I refer my learned friends to a post I published last Friday where, tongue placed firmly in cheek, I commented that I expected those prominent Brexiteers who had criticised then-President Obama commenting on Brexit when he visited the UK back in 2016 would doubtless be equally vocal about now-President Trump letting us know of his opinion on the same matter.

It didn’t take long. Anyone care to line some ducks up?


In 2016, Professional Walter Softy lookalike Jacob Rees Mogg said this of Obama’s words: “no true, honest Briton is going to be told what to do by a Yankee president”, and that he had been “splendidly arrogant” in lecturing the UK on Brexit.

Last week, after Trump’s comments, Rees Mogg showed a Trump-esque lack of self-awareness when he had this to say: “…what Donald Trump has set out is primarily his view on whether the US will do a trade deal with United Kingdom on the basis that we adopt the common European rulebook and stick to all the EU’s rules.

He’s saying ‘Well, that’s a choice for you, that if you do that, you won’t be able to make a deal with the US’.

That’s a perfectly reasonable thing for an American president to say.”



A song:


The Hives – Hate to Say I Told You So

More soon.