Well, Hello Donny


Remember in the run-up to the Brexit referendum, when Barack Obama popped over the pond and gave vocal support to David Cameron’s Remain campaign? And how all the gammon-faced ‘Brexiteers’ frothed at mouth, indignant that the American President had dared to get involved in British politics?

Donald Trump is visiting the UK at the moment. Before he had even landed, he had this to say on Brexit and the recent Chequers draft white paper which led to walking gaffe machine Boris Johnson  and  David “Four Hours of Negotiating in Two Years” Davis to resign from the Cabinet:

“The people voted to break it up so I would imagine that’s what they would do, but maybe they’re taking a different route – I don’t know if that is what they voted for…it seems to be turning a little differently where they seem to be getting partially backed involved with European Union.”

I look forward to Davis, Johnson, Farage, oily nose-first rectal probe Piers Morgan, and MP for the 1870s Rees Mogg and the rest of their ilk throwing their toys out of their pram at his interference in the same way as they did when Obama had the audacity to pass comment (when asked).

Which of course they won’t. We all know why. We all know what they are, and we all know what Trump is.

Time for a tune, and I’ve had this in my brain for the last day or so. Can’t think why:


Heaven 17 – [We Don’t Need This] Fascist Groove Thang

More soon.