“….It Is Now…”

Ah well.

It’s a cliche we’ve heard plenty of times over the past few weeks, but sometimes cliches are true: the England team have restored some pride not just in our national game, but also in our fractured, divided country.

Here’s another cliche which I don’t believe, and which I don’t for a second think Ol’ Big ‘Ead did either when he sang this:


Brian Clough – It’s Only a Game

I’m off for a sulk and to try and find an outlet to vent my disappointment. Are there are any foreign dignatories visiting in the next few days I can go and shout at….?

More soon.

Are You Ready to be Heartbroken?

Look out, here comes Jez, Bringer of Doom.

Normally, by this time at a World Cup or Euro tournament, I’ll have been banging on for ages about how great England will be/have been/weren’t.

You’ll notice that this time around, I’m deliberately not getting carried away by the glorious position we’re in and I’m definitely not making any predictions.

I’ve been here before. I remember Italia 90, and Euro 96, both of which we got knocked out of at the semi-final stage. By Germany. On penalties.

Well, at least we know it won’t be the Germans who knock us out tonight.

But, in just a few hours time, either the English or Croatian fans will be heartbroken. Brace yourself. It’s going to hurt.


Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Are You Ready to be Heartbroken?

More soon.