I’m Not To Keen On Mondays

Here we go, here we go, here we go. Football, football, football.

I’m not getting carried away, of course. Disappointment is just round the corner.

In the run up to the World Cup, the History Channel showed a load of football related documentaries, including one which I absolutely love: One Night in Turin.

It’s a truly spectacular documentary, explaining where England was back in 1990, with football hooliganism prominent and ID cards mooted. Plus, it’s narrated by Gary Oldman, which gives it a bit of gravitas.

We all know how it ends, of course; Chris Waddle blazes his penalty over the bar, but there’s a really wonderful few moments after that, as the camera tracks him, and you see the German captain Lothar Matthäus come and console him not once, but twice.

And the film has a great soundtrack too, cherry-picked from songs which were popular and/or cool back in 1990.

As you watch it, the tunes keep coming and they take you back as much as the footage does.

And then, suddenly, this morning’s tune clang clang clangs its way in, and I have the biggest, stupidest grin on my face. Because that’s what this record does to me. And to you, probably.

I said that yesterday’s Late Night Stargazing post featured one of the greatest records ever made; turns out I’m posting another one today. I’m not sure how long I can keepy this up for. (No, you’re right, that doesn’t quite work, does it?).


Kennedy Front

The Wedding Present – Kennedy

More soon.

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