Sunday Morning Coming Down

I’ve mentioned Charley Pride before, of course.

Ex-Army, ex-professional baseball pitcher, the military and sporting world’s loss was very much country music’s gain.

This is from an album my Dad had a copy of when I was a kid, and which I recently got hold of a copy of for myself. By which I mean, there’ll be more from this another time.


Charley Pride – Able Bodied Man

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

I’ve been listening to, and loving, Tracey Thorn’s latest record, called, erm…well Record recently.

I first remember hearing Tracey and her frankly incredible voice way back in the mid-80s when she was still part of Everything But The Girl, long before they changed from being a predominantly acoustic duo to being (I hesitate to call them this still, it sounds like a real Dad terminology) a dance act.

This record in fact, which sounds as great today as it did back then:

everything-but-the-girl-each-and-every-one-blanco-y-negro (2)

Everything But The Girl – Each and Every One

More soon.