It Was 28 Years Ago Today…

…that The Stone Roses legendary Spike Island gig happened.

I wasn’t there.

I didn’t see the Roses until they toured The Second Coming album, by which time I’d heard Ian Brown’s live vocals and, frankly, I was reluctant to go. Had it not been for The Bluetones supporting them (at the Newport Centre, in case you’re interested) then I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

But stone the crows, when the Roses came on, they performed the first half of their beautiful debut album (“..Adored” through to “Waterfall”), and Brown was spot on.

So, in honour of that day, here’s a little something, one of those often over-looked singles from that difficult six-year between albums period:


The Stone Roses – One Love

I’ve always suspected that lyrically they tried to rely on the ethos of this a little too much when they reformed a few years ago. Hence “All For One” (and, erm, what was that other thing they released…? Nope, me neither.) being absolutely terrible.

More soon.

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One thought on “It Was 28 Years Ago Today…”

  1. I was at Spike Island. It as good. One Love is a good song, but couldn’t live up to the hype. The 2nd single they put out 2 years ago was called Beautiful Thing and was much better than All For One.

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