A Traditional Easter

Last one of these, you’ll be relieved to know, before normality is restored, whatever normal is.

Today is Easter Monday, or, as it’s known in my flat “Quick, get down to ASDAs, before the reduced eggs have all gone!” Monday


Eat – Golden Egg

Go on then, you try and think of a song with the word Egg in the title. And no, Radiohead’s Eggs-it Music (For A Film) or any other eggy pun for that matter doesn’t count.

*Sits back and awaits the inevitable list of songs with Egg in the title which will be better than I thought of*

*Wipes egg from face*


More soon.

Chucking Vinyl at Zombies

There’s a great scene in Shaun of the Dead – well, actually, there’s many great scenes in Shaun of the Dead – which I’m pretty sure rings true with every record collector and music fan.

Yes, I mean you.

I like it too, in places. The trick is to completely forget their eponymous debut album. Or, compare it to the utter guff that was their comeback material.  I wonder if that was, in fact, the whole point of them reforming, to make us wistfully long for the days when they only took five years to record an album, rather than twenty-two years to record two dreary old plodders.

Anyway, adopting either position certainly makes The Second Coming sound way better than many thought it did when it was released back in 1994.

Here, entirely coincidentally selected to be posted on Easter Monday, is the brilliant if overly-long and ever-so-slightly self-indulgent opening track:




The Stone Roses – Breaking into Heaven

More soon.