I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays

Regular readers will know this series is intended to showcase records that put a spring in your step and a smile on your face on a Monday morning.

Sometimes those records will be great. Sometimes those records will be dumb.

No prizes for guessing which category today’s choice sits in.

Brace yourself.


Bomfunk MCs – Freestyler

Because nothing says “Freestyler” more than a white man with dreads leaning on an escalator rail.

More soon.


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3 thoughts on “I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays”

  1. Supposedly-fun-though-that’s-pushing-it fact: their follow-up “Up Rocking Beats” is the joint longest Top 40 song title with no repeated letters.

      1. “King Of My Castle” by Wamdue Project. A song whose “title and lyrics reference Sigmund Freud’s theory of the unconscious which holds that the human ego is not free and is instead controlled by its own unconscious Id”, according to Wikipedia. Seems legit.

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