Sunday Morning Coming Down

Last Monday would have been Johnny Cash’s birthday. Had I realised this last weekend, I’d have posted something by him to mark the event.

So, to make up for that, here, from the legendary Johnny Cash At San Quentin album, and met with rapturous and appreciative applause by the inmates of San Quentin prison is the song San Quentin, and the song he followed it with in the set, San Quentin.


Johnny Cash – San Quentin

Johnny Cash – San Quentin Continued

More soon.


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5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. I bought the “At San Quentin” album from a small electrical store near the city centre, because back in 1969, there weren’t many of the large record stores which stocked country and western. The two prison songs were fabulous as was his cover of Dylan’s “Wanted Man” and “A Boy Named Sue”, but I was also delighted with Johnny & June’s duet on “Darling Companion” written by the Loving Spoonful’s main man, John Sebastian. And the album cover’s pretty darned nifty too!

    1. I’ve often been bemused that the Folsom Prison album gets all the mentions, and this one is often overlooked. Both genius, of course, but I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite

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