Strings on Sunday

Alan: Do you want to put something on?
Lynn: Oh, yes.
Alan: I’ll just go and check the party bags. [The theme music from “Black Beauty” begins to play. Alan is filling sanitary bags with loose Wotsits] What’s this, Lynn?
Lynn: It’s the theme tune from “Black Beauty”.
Alan: It’s brilliant.


Denis King – Galloping Home (Black Beauty Theme)

Alan: I think that went quite well. Shall we clear up? I fancy an early night.
Lynn: Shall I put “Black Beauty” back on again?
Alan: Yes. We can clear up while we listen to “Black Beauty”.


 More soon.

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3 thoughts on “Strings on Sunday”

  1. Oh, love love love this! Makes me feel all funny, much like the White Horses theme tune (is it a horse thing I wonder?). Hopefully my fondness for this theme tune is the only thing I have in common with Mr Partridge.

  2. I’m with C. This and the ‘White Horses’ theme remind me of watching early evening TV when the world was a much more innocent place.
    There isn’t much that’s innocent about the Snuff cover, but it’s bloody great.

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