Strings on Sunday

Alan: Do you want to put something on?
Lynn: Oh, yes.
Alan: I’ll just go and check the party bags. [The theme music from “Black Beauty” begins to play. Alan is filling sanitary bags with loose Wotsits] What’s this, Lynn?
Lynn: It’s the theme tune from “Black Beauty”.
Alan: It’s brilliant.


Denis King – Galloping Home (Black Beauty Theme)

Alan: I think that went quite well. Shall we clear up? I fancy an early night.
Lynn: Shall I put “Black Beauty” back on again?
Alan: Yes. We can clear up while we listen to “Black Beauty”.


 More soon.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Last Monday would have been Johnny Cash’s birthday. Had I realised this last weekend, I’d have posted something by him to mark the event.

So, to make up for that, here, from the legendary Johnny Cash At San Quentin album, and met with rapturous and appreciative applause by the inmates of San Quentin prison is the song San Quentin, and the song he followed it with in the set, San Quentin.


Johnny Cash – San Quentin

Johnny Cash – San Quentin Continued

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

In 1971, Michael Rother and the rather wonderfully named Klaus Dinger quit Kraftwerk and went into the studio with Kraftwerk’s producer Konrad Plank to record their eponymous debut album.

This is the opening track from that album, “Hallogallo” which, according to Wikipedia is a ‘play on “Halligalli”, a German slang term for “wild partying”, with the word “hallo” being German for “hello”‘.

The online translation tool I used tells me it means ‘hijinks’.

Whatever. I love this:


Neu! – Hallogallo

More soon.