Late Night Stargazing

The first time I can remember hearing Lemon Jelly, was at what was less of an after party, more a gathering of people on a comedown, in a house in Brighton.

Given the…erm…altered state of most of the people in the room, this tune always reminds me of that night. I love the way that they make the pops and crackles of the vinyl the rhythm of the track:


Lemon Jelly – Experiment Number Six

It also reminds me of this infamous bit of footage from an unbroadcast (at the time) edition of BBC current affairs show Panorama, recorded way back in 1955. In it, presenter and former Labour MP Christopher Mayhew agrees to be filmed under the influence of mind-altering drug mescaline hydrochloride:

Play some chill out music over that and you have a fairly accurate reconstruction of that night in Brighton, more or less.

More soon.

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