I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays

Here we go again, Monday morning.

A few years ago, I was working for a firm of solicitors based in St Albans. The daily commute was a bit of a grind, although getting a seat on the train was never much of a problem, since I was travelling out if London just as everyone else was travelling in, and vice versa on the way home.

I’d been working there for a few months when a colleague returned from maternity leave, and we found out that we lived not far from each other. She drove into work, and so I started to get a lift in with her.

The morning drive was not entirely dissimilar to some of the scenes from Peter Kay’s Car Share, as we listened to one of those shows which played a load of songs released in the same year, with the listener invited to correctly identify the year in question before the end of the half hour slot.

One morning, today’s song came on. Now, I’m under no disillusion that this is a classic record; however, it did have us both singing along at the top of our voices, and by the time we got to the office, we were both in much better moods than normal. We both pledged to try and grow a mullet in honour of the record. (Anyone who knows me, will understand how misguided  this pact was.)

Here you go. Hope it has the same effect on your morning:


John Parr – St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)

More soon.

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8 thoughts on “I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays”

  1. Confession time: I used to have that single. I was young, what can I say?
    The best thing about my daily commute is that it’s just me. I’d resist any attempts to match me up in a car share situation as I’m such an unsociable old b’stard. I do give a guy a lift to and from our Thursday night football game though – he’s a Queens of the Stone Age fan so that makes his company more than bearable!

    1. Now now, there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure around these parts, especially when we’re talking about the records we bought when we were kids.

      Normally, I’d avoid travelling with colleagues like the plague but this saved me some ££’s so….

      Going to see QOTSA later this year!

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