S.S.O.S. (Stop Spoiling Our Songs)

Back now to our trawl through songs which have been debased by being used in adverts, and your suggestions are coming in thick and fast.

But before we look at any of your suggestions, one of mine which has been annoying me for a little while now.

You could probably excuse the use of Pixies’ Where Is My Mind? had it been used in, say, an advert promoting mental health.

But it’s in an advert for chocolate.

And it’s not even the original, it’s some godawful tinkly piano version.

It’s horrible.

This, the original, from their seminal Surfer Rosa album is not:


Pixies – Where Is My Mind?

More soon.

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19 thoughts on “S.S.O.S. (Stop Spoiling Our Songs)”

  1. Don’t get me started about the co-opting of classic songs for naff adverts.

    I agree that the original of this is peerless. Having said that, it is possible to do a decent cover of it (and certainly better than the anodyne tinkly piano bobbins on that ad), as evidenced by Trampled By Turtles’ version.

  2. Because the only time I have to watch adverts is at the cinema, I’ve yet to see this one. Which chocolate bar should I never buy again?

  3. MrsRobster told me about this ad. She was seething herself, but I wanted to punch someone and I hadn’t even seen/heard it! Shame, because I love the chocolate in question. (Rol: it’s Galaxy…)

    Emmy The Great did a really raw acoustic version of this which is great. Placebo did a decent but unremarkable version too.

  4. You don’t get to use a popular song in a commercial without the band’s permission. Since bands don’t make money selling records any more they have to do it by touring, selling merchandise, or licensing their music. Pixies don’t tour often (and didn’t for years) so they didn’t get a chance to move a lot of merch. So, I don’t mind when an old favorite act cashes in. They earned it and a major source of income has been eliminated. And I definitely don’t hold it against a new act because they’ll never make any money at all from selling their music. Not going to buy tacky products but I don’t hold it against the artists.

    1. Now, far be it from me to question a lawyer’s opinion (especially a friendly one) but does it not depend on who owns the publishing rights….?

      1. It does if the band didn’t write their own songs or don’t have control of their own publishing rights. In that cade, they can’t stop a re-recorded version being aired. They can stop their own performance being used though. Do the Pixies own their own their own publishing rights? Has an original Pixies performance ever been used in an ad?

      2. I’d imagine they’re probably happier being associated with vodka than chocolate, although looking at the size of Frank Black, maybe not… Anyway, I suspect the answer here is somewhere between as discussed here and your comment on the first post in this series: I doubt they’d have objected, but the marketing guys decided it was cheaper to rerecord it

  5. I bloody love Galaxy they could be soundtracked by Ed Sheeran covering Spiritualized and I’d still buy them. If you are reading executives from Galaxy I’ll change the title of my blog to ‘The smooth and creamy world of Galaxy’ for a couple of boxes.

  6. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Nada Surf’s cover of Where Is My Mind? was used quite effectively in a Samsung Galaxy Gear VR commercial a year or so ago. The cameras follow some young kids hanging out in the city in an ad dubbed A Perfect Day. Here is the clip. Hopefully you can see it where you live. Having said that, I’m behind you with the general theme of this post. Supergrass selling cereal was one that sticks out in my mind.


    1. Another version I was unaware of. I’m on quite the learning curve this week! Will check out the link when I get home, currently sitting in a movie theatre waiting for my film to start, probably best I don’t check it out now

    1. What does that have to do with Thomson Holidays? Other than that probably being one of their cruise ship entertainers, in which case I’ll fly thank you very much…..

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