Ba Ba Ba Ba-Ba Ba Ba Ba

This is not the song I intended to post today. But, by Christ, there’s no other band that I want to listen to today.

Just as Mark E Smith inspired so many others to pick up a guitar and play, or grab a microphone and shout (just as quite a few former members of The Fall were inspired to never play another musical note as long as they lived), it was a record by The Fall which first gave me the idea for this series.

And after last night’s news that he is no longer with us, I thought it was about time I posted the song in question.

In 1986, The Fall were just entering into what turned out to be the phase of their career where they bothered the UK Charts the most. I don’t think you could ever really describe anything hey released as commercial successes, but they had a large, devoted following who bought everything they did, and when a few other curious folks pricked up their ears at the Fall’s sound, it resulted in a brief flirtation with fame.

This record came on the back of the cover versions of Mr Pharmacist (which reached #75) and just before There’s A Ghost in My House (#30), and it reached #58 itself. In my little bubble, it’s criminal that none of these records reached the Top 10 at the very least.

I remember my old mate Richard and I strong-arming the DJ at my 18th birthday party to play this, much to everyone else’s bemusement. We were the only two who danced to it, but we didn’t care, because that just reinforced our belief that this was our music, not theirs.

This is the chuffingly mad-ah genius-ah that was Mark E Smith and The Fall circa 1986-ah:


The Fall – Hey! Luciani

More soon-ah.