I Think You Should Remember Whose Side You Are On

Terribly, terribly sad news reaches us that avuncular legend Mark E Smith, he of The Fall, has died.

I bought my first single by The Fall at the age of 18, and whilst other bands are still around, they’re the only band I can think of who have continued to release brilliant records ever since.

I’m not going to claim to be a super-fan; some of their songs I find deeply impenetrable. But those are vastly outweighed by the oh-so-many moments of utterly mad brilliance.

The line-up may not have remained the same for much more than two records at a time, but there was always one constant, the glue that held the glorious ramshackle noise together, and now he’s gone.

Oddly, of all of the Fall records I could have chosen to play right now, I’m plumping for this, as it’s my favourite vocal and lyrical performance by Smith, elevating a perfunctory song from a fairly uninspired Inspiral Carpets thrash far above and beyond anything they could have managed without him.


Inspiral Carpets feat. Mark E. Smith – I Want You

I’m off to have a little sob to myself and to raise a glass to the grumpy old bugger.

Things won’t be the same without him.

More soon.

I Think I’m In L.U.V.

It’s not often I post new(ish) music here, but having got hold of a copy of Catholic Action’s “In  Memory Of” album, I simply had to share it with you.

Mostly, because I’m really surprised that, as far as I can see, none of my blogging peers seem to have picked up on them as yet, which is even more surprising given that Catholic Action are from Glasgow, the spiritual home of the music blogger.

They caught my eye when reading a review of them which mentioned the album had been produced by Chris McCrory, who had worked with Breakfast Muff. Not a name that would ever have piqued my interest (other than for the smutty possibility of Muff gags) had a record by them not been nominated by Stevie from Charity Chic Music back on The Chain (remember that..?) #42 (where, of course, I exhausted all of the smutty possibilities of Muff gags), but it’s a single I really liked, so I figured I’d investigate this lot.

A quick search of YouTube (I’m so modern) led me to conclude they were worth investing in, and having given the album a couple of spins, I genuinely think I love them.

I’ve not quite worked out who they remind me of, all I can say is there’s a lot of indie influences in there (I think I hear Weezer on “Breakfast“) but the only ones I’ve definitely nailed so far are Franz Ferdinand and Belle and Sebastian, which, given they all hail from the same area, may just be lazy thinking on my part.

You can definitely hear the FF’s influence on this, their debut single and the album’s opening track (NB – as usual, on the rare event of me posting new music, I’m not giving you an mp3. If you like this, go and buy it.). Give your ears a treat and give this a darn good listening to:

And, from 2016, and which stretches my assertion that their a new band to its knicker-elastic-twanging limit, here’s their eulogy to one Ms Ora:

See? Told you so. Chuffing ace.

More soon.