Strings on Sunday

A couple of weeks ago, after a visit to stay with my parents over Christmas, I posted something by The Carter Family, a record from my Dad’s record collection that got a spin when I was there, and which I hadn’t heard for many years.

Last weekend, I visited them again, news which prompted long-time follower George to write: “Given that you’re visiting your parents, does this mean we can look forward to some decent tracks, plundered from your father’s collection?”

Yes, George, you can. Here’s something he owns, especially for you.


Roger Whittaker – The Last Farewell

More soon.

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4 thoughts on “Strings on Sunday”

  1. A few years ago, a group of us were in the pub and discussion had veered on to randomly yelling out the names of light entertainers from our youth that we thought were still with us, when Roger’s name cropped up. After someone tried warbling his more recent version of Skye Boat Song (with Des O’Connor), we got into the old Durham Town debate – where he makes reference to the Tyne, which isn’t in Durham. Upon getting home I actually sought out one or two of his tunes and found them quite enjoyable – particularly New World In The Morning.

    1. Durham Town very nearly got posted, and probably will pop up sometime, once I can think of a good reason to feature it. Not familiar with New World in the Morning, I’ll see if I can find it too.

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