Strings on Sunday

A couple of weeks ago, after a visit to stay with my parents over Christmas, I posted something by The Carter Family, a record from my Dad’s record collection that got a spin when I was there, and which I hadn’t heard for many years.

Last weekend, I visited them again, news which prompted long-time follower George to write: “Given that you’re visiting your parents, does this mean we can look forward to some decent tracks, plundered from your father’s collection?”

Yes, George, you can. Here’s something he owns, especially for you.


Roger Whittaker – The Last Farewell

More soon.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Many moons ago, I didn’t just post Country songs on a Sunday morning, as I do now (ok, so I don’t post just Country songs anymore, I indulge myself every now and then with the occasional, deeply unpopular, non-Country song. S’my blog, I’ll do what I like with it, ta very much).

The song which changed it back then was by today’s artiste; I thought I’d already posted this one by him too, but apparently not, which makes it very easy for me today.

charley_pride-kiss_an_angel_good_mornin_sCharley Pride – Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’

More soon. We’re due a non-Country Sunday soon. You’ve been warned.

Late Night Stargazing

Last weekend, Channel 4 showed Amy, the documentary about the rise and fall of the wonderfully talented Amy Winehouse.

It’s an incredibly moving piece, charting the troubles with drink and drugs that she faced as she fell in with the wrong crowd, at the same time as she suddenly found herself thrust into the limelight.

It’s made all the sadder by the fact that we all know how the story ends, even more so because her untimely demise is immediately preceded by the news that she was finally sorting herself out and had got herself clean.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s still on All 4 for another ten days.

Here’s one of hers:


Amy Winehouse – Love is a Losing Game

More soon.