All Crazee Now

There may be fewer than usual posts here over the weekend, as for the second time in a month I’m off up to visit my parents.

There’s a family get together happening this weekend, as two of my aunts, and one of my cousins all have their birthdays at this time of the year.

As does my Mum, whose birthday it was yesterday. And what better present for her than a visit from her favourite youngest son?

I was reminded of today’s song over Christmas; I stayed with them from the Friday before until the Wednesday afterwards, and we were joined by my brother on Boxing Day. Usually, as I’ve mentioned before, these family reunions tend to remain around the dining room table, as we sit drinking, playing board or card games, listening to music and trying to make each other laugh until the wee small hours. Mum is always first to go to bed, Dad generally lasts a little longer, my brother and I usually carry on until we notice the sun’s coming up and we should try and get some sleep.

And that was the plan for Boxing Day; indeed we’d even stocked up. He and I had agreed we would just buy each other a bottle of Jack Daniels each, so that we knew we were not going to run out, but we hadn’t taken into account that one of our aunts would also buy us a bottle, and another, who recalled us over-indulging in it a few years ago, bought us a bottle of Jägermeister. In preparation, I placed it in the freezer, and popped to the shops to stock up on Red Bull.

But, as we all know, the best laid plans of mice and men…..something something something.

Shortly after he arrived, my brother asked me how I had managed to occupy myself for the past few days, and I answered honestly:

“There’s been a lot of snoozing on the settee in front of the TV,” I confided.

Later that evening, after we had finished eating, my brother mentioned that a quick snooze seemed like a rather good idea. And that was how the day ended, with us all asleep in front of the TV (until Match of the Day came on, and everyone else went to bed, disinterested).

So I post this song ironically, whilst also knowing that even though I’m posting it in conjunction with her birthday, my Mum will have absolutely no idea who they are:


 Slade – Mama Weer All Crazee Now

Still plenty of booze left for next time we all hook up.


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10 thoughts on “All Crazee Now”

  1. I remember the first time in my life when snoozing suddenly seemed more appealing than boozing – it comes to us all! Have a fabulous family reunion, regardless of whether you snooze or booze – hopefully you’ll have time for a bit of both!

  2. Ha ha – yes it seems you might have reached that boozing/snoozing watershed!

    Happy Birthday to your mum – Hope you have a great weekend (but no snoozing).

  3. Given that you’re visiting your parents, does this mean we can look forward to some decent tracks, plundered from your father’s collection?

  4. Not at the snoozing stage yet but have reached the “would rather sit in the house on a Friday/Saturday night than go to the pub” which troubles me.
    I envy your family get togethers, mines always ended up with at least a full blown argument so much so I have nothing to do with them anymore.

  5. Slade: we saw Dave Hill in Waitrose in Wolverhampton about 10 years ago. He did have big hat on, but not one of his more famous ones. His partner was pushing the trolley.

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