Ba Ba Ba Ba-Ba Ba Ba Ba

The other night I watched “Kill Your Friends”, a movie about A&R men set at the time when Britpop was at it’s peak, which doesn’t sound like a particularly fascinating subject, but I really enjoyed it.

Not least because – oh, and spoiler alert – James Corden gets horrifically murdered quite early on.

The justification for his untimely demise? Perfectly reasonable:

  1. Not knowing that Guy Stevens, the producer of The Clash’s “London Calling”, was dead, and had been since 1981;
  2. Not knowing that Paul Weller writes his own songs;
  3. For considering signing Menswear.

I’m with the script-writers on points 1 and 2, but 3….hmmmm.

Generic, tail-coat hanging Britpop-by-numbers it may be, but I really like their Nuisance album, and I especially love this:


Menswear – Stardust

More soon.


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6 thoughts on “Ba Ba Ba Ba-Ba Ba Ba Ba”

    1. No, but very tempted to seek it out after watching it. From my very brief encounter with that world, a long time ago, it seemed pretty accurate (apart from the murders, obviously/hopefully)

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