Sunday Morning Coming Down

When I was at my folks’ house for Christmas, my Dad spent a morning playing some of his vinyl. I have that effect on people.

One of the records which had survived the great cull that three house moves in the space of 15 years inevitably brings, was this one, which I had completely forgotten about, and really enjoyed listening to again for the first time in…God knows how many years.

As we head towards 2018, times when the President of the United States can say things as idiotic as this:

trump (2)

…there’s an important message in this morning’s song.

And that message is not that Johnny Cash was really good at impersonating various musical instruments, though this is made all the finer for his efforts:


The Carter Family – The World Needs A Melody

More soon.

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. Apparently we’re going to be able to skate on the Thames by 2025 because of global warming – Yes Donald it’s the warming that makes countries like ours actually get colder!

    Anyway on a happier note, I’m off out to celebrate Hogmanay soon but I promise I won’t partake in any “drunken commenting” like I did last year. Have a good one and all the best for 2018!

  2. Wasn’t that long ago I was apologizing for our idiot president on these pages, for whatever fuckwad thing he’d said that day. So, with a sigh, I’ll agree with Brian and issue a blanket, year-long apology on behalf of the US for whatever that moron does in 2018. Happy new year to Jez and all of us that deserve one!

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