How To Do a Cover Version

Three versions of the same song this morning.

Firstly, as mentioned in “God Gave Us Life”, the opening track from the original vinyl release of a Half Man Half Biscuit album I featured on these pages recently (admittedly, I didn’t post the song in question), there she is, in a litany that also includes Una Stubbs, Little and Large, Keith Harris, Wendy Craig, Thora Hird and Lionel Blair: “He also gave us Eartha Kitt.”


Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby

And here’s a cover version from a few years ago, by everyone favourite twinkly absinthe-representing Australian popstress:


Kylie Minogue – Santa Baby

But Queen of Cover versions for today is provided by none other than…well, let me just say that a few months ago, in a post I wrote which mentioned them, long-time friend of the blog, The Robster (of Is This The Life? fame) wrote: “Nothing beats The Muppets. Nothing.” And this proves that:


Miss Piggy – Santa Baby

And since I mentioned them earlier, now is perhaps an appropriate time to launch my Christmas Appeal for 2017.

Yes, a donation of just £1.00 can buy Sid and Eddie their own Christmas jumpers:


No, you’re right, once you’ve seen that, you can’t unsee it, can you?

You’re welcome.

More soon.

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4 thoughts on “How To Do a Cover Version”

  1. There was me enjoying your post about “Santa Baby” and then…POW!….that disgusting display of a topless Little and Large. You are one sick puppy and Baby Jesus will not forgive you this Xmas. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get less presents than usual!

    Ps – here’s a £50 cyber note towards your Christmas jumper appeal.

  2. You do realise I hope just how awful that was to be scrolling down the page here slowly and to come across that last photo bit by bit without knowing quite how much else was yet to be revealed from the nipples down….

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