Remembering Kirsty

As is traditional round here at Dubious Taste Towers, December 18th is the day that I raise a glass in memory of the wonderful, much missed Kirsty MacColl. For today is the 17th anniversary of her tragic death.

You can read the story of her death and the subsequent miscarriage of justice here.

Remembering her at this time of year is made much easier by her featuring – no, starring – on “Fairytale of New York”; there’s a general agreement that it’s probably the greatest Christmas record ever that I’m certainly not going to disagree with.

But you all know that record, so each year on this day I try to play something else from her gloriously varied canon of work.

So here’s his year’s choice:

kirsty maccoll - terry

Kirsty MacColl – Terry

Like I said, glorious.

Cheers, Kirsty. Much missed, never forgotten.

More soon.

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One thought on “Remembering Kirsty”

  1. I’d tend to agree about Fairytales’s status but as is so often the case these songs tend to be overplayed, It was even being played as piped music in S**ns*ry’s last Saturday….and I was not the only ageing male walking arround the shop with a big smile while singing both the !male a female parts. God Bless Kirsty……which is a lot comeing from a staunch non believer.

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