Change Key

Last weekend, I kicked off a new series here (“Ba Ba Ba Ba-Ba Ba Ba Ba“) with a post which included these words what I wrote:

I don’t think there’s anything more joyous in pop records [than a record which includes a load of “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba’s”] except…possibly the key change in any record by either Westlife or Boyzone, because when that happens you know it’s nearly over. And I think this might just edge it.”

Which reminded me that just over a year ago, I went to see Teenage Fanclub with my old mates Gary and Meg.

I see Gary fairly regularly, we go to gigs together (especially ones by The Wedding Present), but this was the first time his wife, Meg, had joined us. It was also the first time I’d seen Meg in quite a few years.

Anyway, Teenage Fanclub were, as they have been every time I saw them, wonderful. And at a certain point during this song, I leaned over to Meg and said: “Here comes the Westlife key-change”, which was happily received by guffaws from Meg and a few people I didn’t know around us.

See if you can spot the “Get off your stool” moment that would make Louis Walsh proud:

I Don't Want Control Of You Front

Teenage Fanclub – I Don’t Want Control Of You

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

Last night was supposed to be the night when my group of friends and I meet up, have a few drinks, a sing-song and maybe a dance, but unfortunately illness prevented me from attending this year.

For most of the past ten years or so (last year bucked the trend, there was a change of venue) we would converge on The Dublin Castle in Camden, ply the jukebox with pound coins and the bar staff with booze vouchers (money) until we all staggered off into the snow in the wee small hours.

I’ve mentioned before that somehow this song, despite it’s inherent non Christmassy-ness, became one that would get played and sung along to with more verve and vigour than anything else.

And although it’s not meant as a comment on how annoyed I am not to have been there last night (actually, it’s probably right now, as this is getting automatically posted), it suddenly seems rather apt.

So, to all my buddies (in no particular order), to Hel & Neil, Jo & Ian, Gareth & Sophie, Holmesy & Louisa, Ferg & Cazza, Tom & Emma, and to Matt and to Llyr (neither of whom were going to be there anyway), this is for you. Hope you had a top night, despite (or perhaps because of) my absence. Merry Christmas, I love you all (and some of your kids are just about tolerable, I suppose).

And if you didn’t get chance to sing it last night, sing it now:


Inspiral Carpets – This is How it Feels

More soon.