The Power of Dubious Taste

Regular readers will know that I struggle with Monday mornings, and as a result have started posting upbeat songs to get us all (i.e. me, and anyone else who feels the same) moving on that most cursed at day of the week.

This week, I posted “Something Good” by Utah Saints, and as I wrote the post I decided against writing the words “I hope something good happens to you today”, dismissing it as being just a bit too Smashy and Nicey…

Nevertheless, two good somethings happened on Monday, depending on your perspective.

First, and you may have missed this, it got very little coverage in the press and mass media, Prince Harry announced his engagement. We’ll revisit this at a later date, I think.

And then this:

Hopkins 1

Apparently ‘mutual consent; is a polite way of saying ‘fired’ now.

And then, shortly afterwards, somebody realised that her online presence might hinder her future job prospects:

Hopkins 2

Like anybody who takes her on as an employee wouldn’t know exactly what they were getting.

So that left the Mail Online one columnist short, and it didn’t take too long for one particular candidate to toss his hat into the ring. Yes, if you’re going to write for the Mail Online, then you need to be able to spout and respout xenophobic, anti-Muslim, crap, and there’s no finer way to do that than to retweet already discredited footage shot by ultra-right wing knobheads Britain First. Step forward, President of the United States and model for “Wotsits: The Movie!” Donald Trump, who when chastised on Twitter by our Prime Minister for having done just that, responded thus (note the condescending, passive/aggressive use of her first name):


…but sent it to the wrong Theresa May.

The man is such a fucking idiot, he can’t even hit a button marked “Reply” properly.

Anyway, since Monday’s post brought such something good(ish) news, I thought I’d just leave this here. Karma, do with it what you will:


Drugstore (feat. Thom Yorke) – El President

More soon.

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26 thoughts on “The Power of Dubious Taste”

  1. glad your not running a country it would have prayer forced 5 times a day on all of us or we would all be taxed a penalty or better yet beheaded. you should study history to see what muslims have been doing over the centuries.

    1. Thanks for the Google Search to find me, Reech. For the record, if I was running a country, I’d invest in education so folks didn’t post such grammatically incorrect things online as you have. Nice website, by the way. I assume you’re aware that the “Do You Approve of the job President Trump is doing?” poll you’re running is currently showing, where the options are just a Yes or No (because politics is that straight-forward), has Yes at 48% and No at 51% which, whilst comforting that you’re in the minority, doesn’t even add up to 100%, you utter fuckwit.

  2. Ugh. For at least the 1,000th time: we apologize. On behalf of America, most of us didn’t vote for Trump, 2/3rds of the country disapproves of him, and the majority of us are enjoying watching his administration cut plea deals with the FBI before he’s ineluctably bagged for collusion. Trump is presiding over 1/3 of the country. The US is huge, so that 1/3 is an unfortunate shit-ton of knob heads like this fool ‘Reech’. But he does NOT represent or speak for the majority of our country. God, I can’t wait until he’s impeached. So sorry; this idiot has been embarrassing us for over year.

  3. And ‘Reech’, you agrammatical twat, ‘your’ is the possessive case for ‘you’, The contraction of you are is ‘you’re.’

  4. I would like to concur with most of the sentiments above apart from those of Reech who I think may just be one of the biggest fuds in Fudland and there is a lot of competition at the moment. Crawl back under you stone you clown.

    Whilst apologies are being made, I would like to add mine for the fannies on our little island (how little they are going to realise in just over a year) who voted leave. Brexit is theirs and potentially the dissolution of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. All so they can take back control of “the tampon tax”. Eventually they are going to have to apologise for that but by then it will be too late and the Farages’, Goves, Johnsons et al will have fucked off to where they have their cash offshored.

    Sorry for that. Airdrie won today and I am quite emotional.

    1. Third Reech, more like. (S’only taken me about 6 hours to think of that) And congrats on the win. I remember when my lot used to do that.

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