“They’re Dead Now, Of Course.”

I mentioned Self Control in that last post, so this seems a sensible place to go next.

My boss Kay’s birthday is about a week after mine.

Since nobody else on our team a) lives locally b) drinks as much as the two of us do, or c) is considerate enough to have a birthday round about when we do, we’ll generally go the pub after work on a Friday somewhere around our respective advents for a couple of wee drinkies.

Such was the case this year, and during our increasingly drunken conversation Kay told me about a running joke (if you can call it that) she has with her friends, about people who get referenced in conversation, and at some point someone will utter the words “They’re Dead Now, Of Course.” Simple pleasures, folks.

A night or two after we went drinking I was watching the fantastically retro-facing “Top of the Pops 1984” on BBC4 and this song came on, a song I loved at the time, but which nestles quite neatly into the “They’re Dead Now, Of Course” category:


Laura Branigan – Self Control

That said, I hadn’t realised quite how dark, pervy and gimp mask-tastic the video was when I was younger…:

Still think it’s a brilliant record, mind.

More soon.

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7 thoughts on ““They’re Dead Now, Of Course.””

  1. By the way, I have Self Control aleady in my music library. If you ever fancy doing a post on Gloria… well, that one’s been eluding me for ages.

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