Panic on the Streets of London

The other week, there was much conversation on social media of the sky being a funny reddy-orangey colour in the South East of the UK.

Transpires it wasn’t the end of days at all, but a load of sand particles being blown in from the Sahara Desert.

So, y’know, nothing to worry about at all.

It did mean I had this song in my brain for hours, though:


Status Quo – Red Sky

To be honest, there’s a Quo song playing in my head 99% of the time, just turned out that this time it was bordering on relevant.

More soon.

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3 thoughts on “Panic on the Streets of London”

  1. Funny how the conversation was about the sky in the south-east of England. It was actually the same over here to the west in Wales. But then, as we all know, the south-east of England is the absolute centre of the universe…

    1. That’s probably my fault more than anything, based on those on my Twitter feed (mostly London types) banging on about it. My Welsh friends: not a peep. S’just sky, innit bra?

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