Somebody to Love

I’m going to assume that you watched the George Michael documentary that aired on Channel 4 this week with this post.

If you did, I’m sure that, like me, you found it very moving and inspirational.

After it finished, I found myself listening to his Greatest Hits album until the wee small hours, whilst uploading his entire back catalogue onto my iPod.

However, whilst it was mentioned, and a clip featured, and although the doc gives it some (very sad) context, time should have been made to include all of this incredible, flawless, force of nature rehearsal (which I’ve posted before, and which I’m not going to apologise for repeating myself now):

George Michael & Queen – Somebody to Love (Rehearsal 1992)

A reminder: that was him rehearsing.


More soon.


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3 thoughts on “Somebody to Love”

  1. I remember you sharing this clip first time around – stunning as TS says. After watching the doc however it becomes even more poignant now knowing what he was going through at the time. So sad that he is no longer with us.

  2. Btw – The constant following/unfollowing I’ve been doing of late is seriously just down to the fact I’ve been away, and with only my phone to use (and my ailing eyesight), the WordPress FOLLOWING icon keeps being tapped instead of the SEND icon in the comments box right next to it! Home now though so will do better.

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