Two things:

  1. Thank you to all who posted very kind words when I went on standby recently. I read every one and was really rather touched by them. (As was my mother, who sent me a text saying “The people who read your blog are rather lovely, aren’t they?” Yes. Yes they are.) So, thanks not just from me, but from my Mum too.
  2. Whilst I’ve been laying low, I’ve made my peace with writing the occasional shorter post. As you’ve probably noticed.


Spandau Ballet – To Cut a Long Story Short

More soon.


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13 thoughts on “Short”

  1. 2 things in response: (1) our genuine pleasure (+ regards to your mum!); (2) whatever you like, mate. Great to have you at any length.

  2. Good to hear that your mum approves of us – I think the short posts are probably what sustains the occasional longer (and very entertaining) posts such as The Chain. Just do what feels right.

      1. Oh god, that makes me feel so old but I will take that in the manner intended – As for the rest of the weekend, more rowing machine and less crisps young man!

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