Bad Moon Rising

Another week started. Another Monday over and done with.

Another year gone. Another anniversary. Another Birthday. Mine.

On the 26th September 19*cough*, little me came into the world. And, as revealed this time last year, this was number one in the UK at the time:


Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising

The song, much as I love it, has had no real effect on me. For example, here’s a picture of me as a perfectly normal, fully rounded youngster:


Not really. Far too much hair.

Dapper Wellies

Friends will note that the belly-to-rest-of-body ratio has remained pretty much constant over the past 48 years. Fully rounded, sure enough.

Yeh go on, laugh it up.

More soon.

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30 thoughts on “Bad Moon Rising”

  1. Happy Birthday – guessing it’s probably a work day but have a good one.
    A great couple of pics as well – You were a very dapper chap as a youngster. Are you one of Mumford & Sons?

    1. Blimey, no, never heard that before. The Blue Aeroplanes are a band that will be appearing on these pages soon enough though. Oh, and cheers!

  2. Happy birthday Jez. Great song for your birthday No. 1 and I love the photo, you cutie. Just trying to imagine quite how you got in and out of those boots.

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