The Chain #43

There. That’s caught you all out. The Chain on a Wednesday morning.

Don’t get used to this. I’m at a work conference this afternoon and won’t get back until late, so I figured if I didn’t get it done before then, it’d end up being another week before it appeared. So, I started writing it earlier than usual (but still a week late, if you’re being ungratefully picky).

Anyway, we’ve lots to get through this week – 63 new suggestions in total – and so, as has become usual, we’ll start off with a reminder of the source record for the week:

original_44242. The Beatles – Martha My Dear

Yet again, one of you correctly guessed the next song in The Chain, but we’ll come to that later. Or, more specifically, at the end.

But first, where to begin? Link-wise, I can think of no finer place than with therobster from Is This The Life? although, as you will see, the first tune of the week can only be partly credited to him:

“I’ve gone down the ‘intentionally misspelled animal-related band name’ route. How about some Def Leppard? No…?” 

Yes! But with no actual one-armed suggestions forthcoming from the robster, in stepped Rol from My Top Ten:

“If therobster isn’t going to suggest one, can I suggest…”

Def Leppard

Def Leppard – Let’s Get Rocked

“…because it’s very silly.”

Back to therobster, who actually suggests this:

“…let’s have the Monkees. As the Beatles were from Liverpool, I reckon ‘Randy Scouse Git’ would fit well. Plus, it’s actually about a party the band went to that was hosted by The Beatles”


The Monkees – Randy Scouse Git

Now, just in case any of you were planning on pulling me up on using that sleeve, let me explain. RCA Records bosses told the band that they would not release the song with the title “Randy Scouse Git” (which, incidentally, is taken from 1960s sitcom “‘Til Death Us Do Part”), and demanded they gave it an alternate title. “Okay”, said drummer/singer Mickey Dolenz, “‘Alternate Title’ it is.”

Here’s another band that fits nicely into the category:


The Byrds – I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better

Now, as therobster quite right points out, The Beatles is indeed a mis-spelling, and a pun, on a group if insects, but this seems to have completely passed Kay by:

“I’m going down the insect/bug route” she announces, and then names these two tunes:

Adam & The Ants

Adam & The Ants – Prince Charming



The Verve – Catching The Butterfly

But whilst we’re on links from The Beatles to the beetles, we may as well have Mrs GMFree, who suggests: “A Beetle is a VW car which is German, so are krautrock masters Kraftwerk…”

Or, as Alan Partridge would say:


 “Kommen sie bitte und listen to Kraftwerk”


Kraftwerk – Autobahn

(NB. I tried to track down a video clip of just the Partridge – Kraftwerk introduction, sadly to no avail. But imagine my surprise when typing the words “alan partridge introduces kraftwerk” into Google to find that the fourth link it offers is to…The Chain #28!)

But I digress. GMFree seizes the opportunity to do the old Chain link one-two shuffle:

“Which leads me to my [next] suggestion with the recent death of Holger Czukay…”


Can – Mushroom

“…which I first heard covered by The Jesus & Mary Chain, one of many bands influenced by the experimental Germans.”

And GMFree isn’t done there, providing “a Beatle link to a Captain Beefheart cover”, which contains one of the rarest sounds ever committed to record – Mark E Smith giggling:


The Fall – Beatle Bones ‘N’ Smokin’ Stones (Peel Session)

There’s also this, of course:

House Of Love

The House of Love – The Beatles and The Stones

Enter George (that’s an introduction, rather than a command), who suggests:

“…given that The Beatles once played on the roof of their Apple building, what about…”


The Drifters – Up On The Roof

Ah yes, Apple Records. Alex G picks this up and runs with it:

“‘Martha, My Dear’ is from The Beatles’ eponymous 1968 LP, their first on their own Apple Records imprint. So from one artist-owned label named after a fruit, to another: Ray Charles’ Tangerine Records. I do wonder whether the Beatles got the idea from him, though nobody else seems to think so. Anyway, let’s go for Ray Charles’ version of…”


Ray Charles – Eleanor Rigby

Which is, as Alex G points out/pleads, a double linker. Points!

Time for a Magical Mystery Tour next, courtesy of Julian from Music From Magazines:

“The Beatles had a couple of names before they became famous

1. The Quarrymen

To quarry is to mine as in ‘Soul Mining’ by The The ( fill your boots)”

Don’t mind if I do.

The The

The The – Uncertain Smile

Julian continues:

“2. The Silver Beatles

Martha is a lady’s name

And the bloke leaning over my shoulder at the bar is called Dave, amongst other things

So let’s switch on the Magimix ™ and see what delight we get

………… and the winner is

David Soul ‘Silver Lady'”

Much as I love that record, it’s featured before, way back in The Chain #8, and as such has to be disqualified. But since GMFree has done the old Chain link one-two shuffle, I suggested Julian might want to follow suit. So, since, he’d got to David Soul, perhaps one of his other songs? Nope. That’s too straight-forward for our Julian:

“David Soul starred in a short lived TV show called ‘Casablanca’, so how about…”


Dooley Wilson – As Time Goes By

I must say, I’m not in the least bit surprised that Julian has suggested a song from a film which contains the line “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.”

Anyway, he’s riffing by now:

“…coincidently [Casablanca] was the record label that released…”


Parliament – Dr. Funkenstein

Having valiantly chipped in to assist therobster earlier, Rol’s back with a suggestion all his own doing:

“‘Martha My Dear’ is from The White Album. Another band who released a ‘White Album’ (following on from their Blue, Green and Red albums… even though all of them were actually just eponymous) were Weezer. From that, I’ll suggest…”


Weezer – Thank God for Girls

Do any other White albums spring to mind? Well, no, although there is, of course “The Whitey Album”, by Sonic Youth off-shoot Ciccone Youth (I really thought this would get suggested, especially as I posted a track from it in a recent post).


Ciccone Youth – Addicted to Love

Over to Alyson from What’s It All About? to wrap up the whiteness now:

“It occurred to me that The Beatles ‘White Album’ reminds me of Mr Barry White…I can’t find any dog-related [this will get explained soon – Ed] Barry songs or ones about a girl called Martha [I think we pretty much used them all up last time – Ed] so it’ll have to be the next most appropriate for this place:”


Barry White – Let The Music Play

Now, all this white stuff is all well and good, but let me draw all of your attention back to something Alex G said earlier: ‘Martha, My Dear’ is from The Beatles’ eponymous 1968 LP…” And he’s quite right: the album in question is colloquially known as ‘The White Album’ but it’s actually, officially, called ‘The Beatles’.

Which takes us back to George, who suggests a new category: “…the ‘eponymous album that wasn’t a debut’ route.” And specifically he suggest this, from Blur’s 1997 album, the fifth that they released:


Blur – Death of a Party

I must say, this is my favourite link of all that were suggested this time. It had never occurred to me before that most acts, when releasing an eponymous album, made it their debut, presumably to double the impact of their name, get it “out there” as a recognisable brand. So I did a little digging and found these acts also released eponymous albums, but not first time around:


Metallica – Enter Sandman

Yes, everyone calls their fifth album “The Black Album”, but it’s not called that, it’s called ‘Metallica’.

And at the other end of the musical spectrum, this lots’ first album was 1973’s “Ring Ring”, but it wasn’t until two years later, when they released their third album, that they released an album called…well, you can figure the rest of that sentence out for yourselves:

Front Cover


I sense a new series of posts coming on…

Now, remember how in her suggestion Alyson mentioned something about dogs in songs? Well that’s where we’re going next and here’s Dirk from sexyloser to explain why:

“..the title ‘Martha My Dear’ was inspired by McCartney’s Old English Sheepdog, named Martha.”

Which leads us nicely into a whole batch of songs about dogs. Sort of. But before we get to Dirk’s suggestion, here’s The Great Gog, awake at 02:31am and thinking about dogs:

“All this talk of Martha has me thinking of my one of my sister’s dogs, which goes by that moniker. Martha is a spaniel, no idea what type of spaniel though. One type is a cocker spaniel which immediately led me to thinking of…”


Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends

Relax ladies, he’s married. And dead.

Back to The Great Gog it is then:

“Another type is a King Charles spaniel. The next King Charles is still a prince, however, so I can legitimately suggest…”

Prince Charles

Prince Charles & The City Beat Band – Cash (Cash Money)

The Songs (Sort Of) About Dogs category is (almost) the largest category, so strap yourself in for some canine capers. You could say that we’ve gone dog crazy, in fact:


The Soup Dragons – Backwards Dog

Okay then Dirk, what have you got for us?

“Another famous Old English Sheepdog was Alfie, who starred in ‘Serpico’, so – of course – did Al Pacino. And Al Pacino will always be remembered – at least in my household – not for Serpico, but a) [for the sex scene he had with the fabulous Ellen Barkin in] ‘Sea Of Love’, the film being named after a single by Phil Phillips from 1959. I prefer The Heptones’ version from 1968 though, also we don’t have enough Rocksteady on ‘The Chain’, I’m sure you’ll agree!”

Sorry, I stopped paying attention at the mention of Ellen Barkin. (I was wondering you were linking to her surname)


The Heptones – Sea Of Love

What was the other thing Al Pacino is remembered for in Dirk Towers, Dirk?

“…and b) for ‘The Godfather’….So…if you have a minute The Godfathers would be appropriate…perhaps….?”


The Godfathers – Birth, School, Work, Death

And Dirk’s not done there. Oh no:

“We could also have something by Blondie as well…‘cos contrary to what everyone thinks, the band didn’t choose their name because Debbie Harry was blonde, no, they named themselves after Adolf Hitler’s German Shepherd, Blondi (the ‘i’ – ending was generally regarded as being too uncommon for American ears, so much so that the ‘-e’ was added)!”

Which is good enough for me. Here’s the Blondie track Dirk suggested:


Blondie – Ring Of Fire (Live 1980)

At which point, Walter from A few good times in my life pops in to throw this threesome into the mix:

“…if we go the ‘dog’ road there will be a lot of songs recommended, i.e….:”

And as it happens, nobody else suggested any of the three Walter mentioned, (although I had one lined up as one of my oh-so many choices) so here they are:


The Specials – Do The Dog



The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog


Adam - Dog

Adam & The Ants – Dog Eat Dog

Ok, brace yourself. It’s time for the undisputed Worst Record of the Week award, and to present the award here’s all round nice guy and not a white supremacist enabler at all, Sean Spicer accept the award and explain what the hell he was thinking when he sent me this suggestion is Rigid Digit from Stuff & Nonsense:

“…sticking firmly to the Dogs route (and a contender for Worst Record Of The Week)…”

Not just a contender, Rigid, but so nailed on The Worst Record Of The Week that nobody else even bothered to try to think of any more because this was so obviously unbeatable.

But first some context.

The song is about Barbara Woodhouse, a dog trainer who found celebrity status in the UK in the late 1970s/early 1980s, back when celebrities were required to have some semblance of talent (see also celebrity steeplejack Fred Dibnah). Here’s a clip to give you an idea:

And here she is, interviewing William Shatner, teaching his dogs a thing or two, and then revealing a little too much about her bedtime habits for my liking:

And here’s Rigid’s suggestion. Remember: in the world of The Barron Knights, a man putting on a ladies voice = funny:


The Barron Knights – The Sit Song

Not that they’re alone in that belief:

And here’s two actual funny women, Rebecca Front and Joanna Scanlon, parodying Ms Woodhouse directly and subtly:

I’ll leave the last word on that Barron Knights song to Charity Chic who quipped:

“I think you missed an H out of the title.”

Rigid then goes on to mention the Dogs d’Amour, but doesn’t actually suggest a record by them. Luckily for us him, babylotti steps in with three suggestions by the band; I’ve picked the one he cited as his favourite. Because I’m nice like that.

Dogs D'Amour

the Dogs d’Amour- How Do You Fall In Love Again?

Relax ladies, etc. etc.

I must say I always get the Dogs d’Amour mixed up with The Quireboys. Were they around at the same time? (NB: This is a rhetorical question, the type where instead of already knowing the answer, I already know that I don’t really care.)

So let’s have some more doggy-do’s, and one which I was surprised nobody else suggested. A song which is famously about a dog, although the name in the title was changed from ‘Brandy’ in the first draft (who sounds more like a stripper than a dog, if I’m honest) to:


Barry Manilow – Mandy

Count yourselves lucky I didn’t post the Boyzone version. Or the Westlife version. Whichever one of them recorded it. They’re the same thing really anyway, aren’t they?

Oh, and innuendo fans, check out the title of that B-Side. Parp!


Since we appear to be in 1970s softie ballad territory, here’s another from Rigid Digit:

“What the world needs is more acoustic guitar playing beardy blokes…”

which is debatable, but he means that as an introduction to this:


Cat Stevens – I Love My Dog

It’s no wonder that Cat Stevens changed his name. A cat admitting to loving a dog is always going to be given the cold shoulder by the feline community.

Now, I must admit that when Rigid suggested that song, I actually thought he was talking about this:


Peter Shelley – Love Me Love My Dog

Thank goodness for The Barron Knights, or I’d have to give myself the Worst Record of the Week award now.

But it’s okay, I can turn things round. From Peter Shelley, to Pete Shelley:

Pete Shelley

Pete Shelley – Homosapien

(I was going to post a Buzzcocks tune and had settled for the (s)punky little burst that is ‘Orgasm Addict’, until I realised how that might look when played after the previous two songs…)

Time for another one that I was surprised nobody else came up with. The original version has featured on The Chain before, so I would have had to disqualify it. But, as with the helping hand I tried to give Julian earlier, had the original been suggested than I would doubtless have given you a nudge towards this:


The Futureheads – Hounds Of Love

One more doggy disc to go, and we’re back with Rigid Digit again. He’s relentless, isn’t he?

His final suggestion is for a record that’s “Madly brilliant, but not really essential.”


The Who – Dogs

Their record label initially refused to release that, on the grounds that it was trying just a bit too hard to sound like The Small Faces. Harsh, but fair.

But as Rigid astutely concludes:

“There ain’t many songs whose last words are: ‘lovely buttocks'”

A fair point, well made. But just think of the songs which could be improved by the inclusion of those words. “God Save The Queen” springs to mind.

Speaking of which…

Often, the suggestions link from one song to another by way of one word in the title. But there wasn’t much to work on here, just three words, and one of them, Martha, was pretty much done to death last time. But there was one more song to link to that name, from Swiss Adam over at Bagging Area:

I have a niece called Martha. Her Mum, my sister, was born in June 1977. My parents sometimes say that if she’d been born on the Queen’s jubilee day they’d have called her Jubilee. At least I think they’re joking. So [this] seems an appropriate link (Pistols obvs).”


Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen

As does this, to be fair:

Blur Parklife

Blur – Jubilee

Having mopped up the last of the Martha’s, we’ll edge towards the end of the song title now with a “My” or two. Or three, actually. And two of them are from me.

This being one of them:

Armand (2)

Armand Van Helden – My My My (feat. Tara McDonald)

And since it features a man and his dog (and for no other reason, honestly) here’s the video for that one too:

The other “My” suggestion comes from abramson60, who, clearly unmoved by that video, announces that he’s “got a soft spot for Joan Armatrading.”


Joan Armatrading – Me Myself I

Me: Well, if you’re suggesting that…

The Chain gang: …then you’re suggesting this:

De La Soul

De La Soul – Me Myself and I

And so on to what is the biggest grouping of songs of the week.

Surprisingly, nobody went for this:


The Stone Roses – Elizabeth My Dear

So, where to start with this little lot. Well, let’s split them down into songs which feature the word “Dear” in the title (or prominently elsewhere in the lyrics) and, first, songs which can in some way be linked to Deer.

And, after missing last times linkage, it’s a warm welcome back to SWC, who proffers this:

“If we want to be clever…”


Hinds – Garden

Look out. Julian’s back:

“I never checked the spelling and assumed Paul was singing about a ruminant mammal on his Scottish Croft . The Beatles released a b-side “Rain” and Bambi was a deer, know the song yet?

Blind Bambi… no idea

Dead blind Bambi… still no idea…?”

I must admit, I assumed at this point that Julian was about to suggest this:


Sex Pistols – Who Killed Bambi

(Except it’s not really the Sex Pistols, is it? It’s got Eddie Tudor-Pole on lead vocals for a start. And it’s from ‘The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle’. And it’s title and that picture are  clearly meant to shock, but it’s shocking for the sake of being shocking. Not cool.)

But no, Julian was in fact going here:

“Ok it’s the rain song from Bambi”.

This caused a little confusion at Chain HQ, as the song that Julian actually wanted was this:


Bambi – Little April Showers

…which, confusingly, was not going to be in the original film, it was going to be a song called “Rain Song”, which was ditched in favour of “…April Showers”, and which you can see/hear here:

And then, just to confuse things even further, Julian goes and suggests this:

Houses of The Holy

Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song

But of course, we all know where Julian’s really heading:

“More importantly the animated video for “Is a Woman” also features falling leaves and a deer, by Lambchop of course”

But of course:


Lambchop – Is A Woman

And here’s the video he mentions:

I’ve not had chance to watch that, so I’m trusting you on that one, Jules.

Ok, so that’s the deer related bunch over with, so “if we are going down the dear route”, says SWC, then “we need….”


The Dears – 22: The Death Of All The Romance

Cheers, SWC, I’d totally forgotten about that one. Great to hear it again.

Back to GMFree now, for another couple of belters:


Lush – Dear Me (Miki’s 8-Track Home Demo)


Blade Runner

Don Percival – One More Kiss, Dear

I have a confession to make: I’ve never seen Blade Runner. Sacrilege, I know. But it’s one of those films that everybody bangs on to me about how amazing it is that it can never live up to expectations. I guess I’d better rectify that before the new one comes out later this year, right?

Over to babylotti now, who suggests these two:

“[I’m] going to fall back on Marvin Gaye’s divorce settlement album, ‘Here My Dear’, with obvious reference to Martha my dear….I’ll suggest the title track rather than any of the singles.”


Marvin Gaye – Here, My Dear

…before also doing that old Chain link one-two shuffle:

 “And from there I believe I have to link to…”


Creedence Clearwater Revival – I Heard It Through The Grapevine

And whilst we’re on great versions of classic songs, does this next one remind anyone of anything?

Little Fish

Little Fish – Darling Dear

Anybody? No? Not even this:

Just me then.

Back to abramson60 again for his second and final submission:

“…there would be ‘Mother dear, they’re teaching me to do the goose-step’, which can be found in….”


The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Give My Compliments To The Chef

Martin from New Amusements snuck his suggestion under the wire just in time:

“Keith Moon used to call everybody “Dear Boy” and he did a pretty fair cover of Beatles track ‘In My Life’ for his lone solo album ‘Two Sides of the Moon’ (even if it was played with too straight a bat). Anyway, a double-linker!”

A double-linker indeed. Points!


Keith Moon – In My Life

Back to Walter now, and his final two suggestions (although, granted, his first three were more mentioned in passing than actual suggestions):

“For sure,  from probably Talking Heads’ last good record ‘Naked’…”

Talking Heads

Talking Heads – Ruby Dear

and “Another song that accompanied me since my youngest days…”


Traffic – Dear Mr. Fantasy

Time for C from Sun Dried Sparrows tune now, and this is an example of me saving the best ’til (almost) last; I think this is my favourite song by this lot. I love a good bracket (see?)

“I went down the ‘dear’ route too and another song whose title ends in the word ‘dear’ (there can’t be many, surely?). “Dear” is such a charming, old-fashioned word, I always thought it sounded a bit out of place for Blondie to use it but I love that they do. So I’d like to suggest…”


Blondie – (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear

Now, when the suggestions start coming in, I will often have a little bet with myself as to who I think will suggest what. I’m rarely right, of course. For example, this week I was sure that Dirk would suggest this:

Au Pairs

Au Pairs – Dear John

But he didn’t, so now I have to, just to give extra justification for me posting this:


Status Quo – Dear John

You’re right. I can’t help myself sometimes.

Which just leaves two songs, and you’ve probably noticed that Charity Chic from Charity Chic Music has been a bit quiet this time out. Here’s why:

“My first thoughts (neither of which will be the correct answer) were…”


Siouxsie & The Banshees – Dear Prudence

…which, given it’s a cover of a song from The Beatles’ “White Album” and features the word “Dear” is unquestionably a double-linker (Points!!).

And I wouldn’t be so sure about neither of your suggestions being right, CC, for you’re right on the money with your second one. The official link is, quite simply “From one Dear to another…” and the next record in The Official Chain is this:


43. Dexys Midnight Runners – There, There, My Dear

I’d forgotten how great that record is too, as it goes.

So, CC, congratulations. A huge bag of non-existent points is winging its way to you. Hopefully that makes up for The Chain making you late for work last time. And today, too.

Ok, you know what happens now. This is the bit where I invite your suggestions, please, for songs which link to “There, There, My Dear” by Dexys Midnight Runners, along with a brief description of the link, via the Comments Section down below, in time for the next edition. Who knows when that might be.

More soon.

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  1. 1. You’re at a conference this afternoon? Sounds like an ideal time to do The Chain, instead of sitting around being bored.
    2. You’ve never seen Blade Runner? I’ve never seen Star Wars…..

      1. I’ve never seen Blade Runner either. Or The Running Man, or Logan’s Run, or any of those dystopian running films. I’ve seen Cool Runnings, though. I quite liked that.

  2. Wow, an early start and another bumper selection, my listening sorted for a few days. First choice, as I’m heading past there soon, and you can’t have enough of The Fall – “Bournemouth Runner”.

  3. For a number of unconnected reasons, I failed to make a contribution to this instalment of The Chain, although I’m currently thoroughly enjoying wading through everyone else’s suggestions.
    I’ve got another busy week hoving into view, so to ensure that I don’t miss out again, I’ll steam straight in with three tunes based on a simple ‘there’ to ‘here’ link.
    1) Look Here by Mose Allison. Terrific performance, as covered by The Clash of course.
    2) I’m Still Here by Alan Tyler & The Lost Sons Of Littlefield. The voice of The Rockingbirds, from a self-titled LP released in 2006, while his main band was on hiatus.
    3) Here on My Own by UNPOC, aka Tom Bauchop from the Fence Collective, from his one and only studio album released in 2003. Any of our Scottish chums know what Tom’s up to these days?

  4. The word Dexy is derived from Dexedrine, a kind of amphetamine used by Northern Soul fans to help them dance all night. Therefore, I’m going for bands named after drugs. So firstly, Morphine’s ‘Cure For Pain’. Then Codeine with ‘D’ (D being the first letter of Dexy’s, so a double-linker perhaps? OK, I’m stretching…). And finally, let’s go for Motorhead as that’s a word that describes people who take speed. As is ‘Speedfreak’, a track from their ‘Iron Fist’ album.

  5. Wow. Again, a huge list, some task! Thanks Jez.
    Like The Swede, my thoughts went from ‘there’ to ‘here’. Where else to go from ‘here’? Why, to eternity of course! I’d like to propose From Here To Eternity by Giorgio Moroder please, with glitterballs.

  6. Continuing The Robster’s “bands named after drugs” theme, I see that “Long Train Runnin'” by The Doobie Brothers was mentioned in passing back in The Chain #11 but not actually featured, so this seems like a good opportunity!

  7. Shamelessly jumping someone else’s train, The Robster’s in fact, I’ll also go for bands named after drugs and suggest ‘Speed Speed Ecstasy’ by Acid Angels. Please.

    Does the fact that ‘dexy’ derives from dexedrine explain why it is that there is no apostrophe in ‘Dexys’? I’ve always thought ‘Dexy’ is a name and wondered why there is no apostrophe! If it’s meant to be the plural of ‘dexy’, shouldn’t it read ‘dexies’ then?!

    Next episode of ‘The Chain’ to be featured entirely in German, please!

      1. Dirk, I am a saddo and just to prove it, I looked into the Dexys thing a little while ago – as it’s the shortened version of Dexedrine, it doesn’t get pluralised in the same way apparently. I think because it’s not a proper name in its own right, so doesn’t follow normal rules – same as if you had two friends who were both called Michael but shortened it to Micky, you might write “I saw both Mickys down the pub today” rather than “Mickies”!

    1. This proves the German education system is far superior to our own. We have a German considering the intricacies of English grammar. How many Brits even give a shit about their own language let alone question whether an apostophe should be present? We should bow to thee, Dirk.

  8. How about the Beatles ‘Here there and everywhere’?
    Or maybe Kevin Rowlands previous band Killjoys and there ace single ‘Johnny won’t get to heaven’ . Makes me realise how much I miss Peel.

  9. Sorry just thought of another ‘(We are) the road crew’ by motorhead the link being runner is a part of the roadcrew.
    Maybe I should now put myself in sleep mode.

  10. Dexy-meister Kevin Rowland’s 1999 solo album (My Beauty) was a fairly unremarkable (although interesting in places) collection of cover versions.
    By far the most memorable bit about this album was the cover – a fully dragged-up Kev. He’d done the Docker look, the Irish Gypsy and the Business man/Harvard graduate.
    Now he was going for the cross-dressing phase.

    A bloke in drag on an album cover is nothing new though.
    One artist who caused a bit of a hoo-hah when he did it was David Bowie on the UK release of Man Who Sold The World (the original 1970 US release didn’t feature the dress cover – maybe the record company thinking the Yanks wouldn’t accept it – and the 1972 RCA re-issue replaced it with a black and white picture of Ziggy Stardust).

    I would suggest he Lulu cover version (but I’m not an idiot), so I’ll plump for the title track sung by Mr B himself

  11. This suggestion comes from the drug reference of the band name and the athletic-suggesting part of their name. Leading to Ben Johnson, the athlete who took drugs to win the 1988 100m medal. And Ben Johnson is also the name of an actor who was in many many fine films, and who was born on an Indian Reservation. Which leads to the song Jesus was Born on an Indian Reservation by Big Stick.

  12. The lyrics to There, there My Dear head off in any number of ways- verse 1 alone asks Robin ‘if you’re so anti-fashion, why wear flares?

    Fashion- Bowie
    Flares- the Stone Roses circa 89 and the majestic Made of Stone

    Verse 2 gives us the following references

    ‘Let me explain, though youd never see in a million years. Keep quoting
    Cabaret, Berlin, Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, Duchamp, Beauvoir, Kerouac,
    Kierkegaard, Michael Rennie. I dont believe you really like Frank Sinatra.’

    I give up.

  13. Oh go on then
    Cabaret Voltaire- Don’t Argue
    Lou Reed Berlin
    Beauvoir- Lloyd Cole Perfect Skin
    Kerouac- The Go Betweens The House Jack Kerouac Built

    etc etc

    I think I’ve broken the rules re; numbers of songs nominated
    and that’s without exploring the JG Ballard route into Joy Division and elsewhere

  14. So I’m going to give you three options.
    One Dexys
    One midnight and
    One runner.
    So for the Dexys it has to be the Dex and Jonesy mix of josh winxs higher state of consciousness. I think is the acid tweekin one.
    For midnight I think we better have some Carter and midnight on the murder mile.
    Now for Runner I thought that there is a song by Therapy that samples blade runner. It starts with bit that goes ‘wake up time to die’ and I have forgotten the name of it but it was from an early Therapy album back when they barely sung and we’re good.

  15. Another epic Chain so well done you. Having just popped over to YouTube to watch Mr Geno Washington in action, in honour of the fact that Dexys used his name for one of their songs I’m going for Geno and The Ram Jam Band with You Don’t Know (Like I Know) – a stonking tune.

    My second choice is because when I think of the name Kevin, I think of that perfect specimen of boyhood from the Undertones song My Perfect Cousin. (Although I now remember that Mr Sharkey is not too popular in music blogging circles so maybe not allowed?)

    By the way, as the most naive of all the Chain-Gangers it has been an education to learn where the name Dexys came from! Thanks for that.

  16. A quick slurp and here we go

    The book ” Rat Scabies and the holy grail” ( great read by the way ) has a bit in it featuring the late great Snakefinger ( chum of The Residents ) who did a cracking song “Kill the great raven”.

    Raven was an album by the Stranglers, a song by the Stranglers was ” Get a (grip) of yourself” ( the ( )`s might be in the wrong place ) ( and a bit overused ) anyway a great version was done by……….


  17. Late this week so I’ll just offer a couple of suggestions on the same theme. Dexys went on to record with the Emerald Express, most notably on Come On Eileen. So I feel the need to suggest Feel The Need in Me (see what I did there) by the Detroit Emeralds and perhaps a little more to my taste, Emerald by Thin Lizzy.
    Searching For The Young Soul Rebels is one of my all-time favourite albums by the way. If I ever get some time to write about it, I will do.

  18. I couldn’t just leave it at one choice, if things continue at the current rate it won’t be long before there is a 100 track chain.
    Mrs GMFree stuck to the Runner link: The Three Degrees – “The Runner”; Sheryl Crow – “Run Baby Run” and Pink Floyd “On The Run”.
    Same link for me, with two singers that Mrs GM is far from keen on, she said Mr Grohls growl on the latest Foo Fighters single is “a vomit inducing horrid noise”.
    So anyway, first a cover: Foo Fighters – “Band On The Run” and The Stills-Young Band – “Long May You Run”.
    I had no idea about the drug link to Dexys, I just thought he was a leader of some nocturnal athletic club with a female member who struggled to keep up… (Come on Eileen)….
    With the drug reference I have one final choice, which has to be from Stephen Jones, it could have been the straightforward “Drug Time” by Babybird, but here is another from one of his many AKAs: DELUDER – “Drugdriver” available for FREE via Bandcamp.

  19. For some reason, I’ve stopped getting WP notifications when you post a new post, so I’m always behind.

    I watched Blade Runner again for the first time in 30 years the other day. It’s very slow. Can’t watch the sequel because it has Ryan The Gosling in it.

    Ryan Adams just released an epmonymous album. It was probably his 897th LP.

    Alyson stole my best Chain suggestion this week.

    Another great Kevin though is Kevin Devine, so I suggest his song Guys With Record Collections.

    And as the Dexys song comes from the album Searching For The Young Soul Rebels, I’ll also go for Soul Rebel by… well, Bob Marley if you insist, though I prefer the cover by Rumer because I am so MOR it hurts.

  20. Here goes: from the Dexy’s to dextredrine, which is more formally known as dextroamphetamine. Now, dextroamphetamine has a chiral centre, so it has an enantiomer, meaning there exists another chemical with the identical formula but is a mirror-image of dextroamphetamine (it’s called levoamphetamine since you ask). And speaking of mirrors leads to 14 Mirrors by Billy Mackenzie. (and absolutely not Mirror Mirror by Dollar, or Your Mirror by Simplky Red, or Mirror Image by Cher). And I bet that’s the next link in the official chain.

  21. Great job once again Jez. If you remember the cover of Searching for the young soul rebels I think of another album cover by a German band called Element Of Crime. Their second record Try To Be Mensch is similar to Dexy’s first one Just a picture and pigmented in green. So I suggest their song Nervous and Blue.

  22. M>y second thought goes to Geno Washington because Kevin Rowland made a tribute to him on this record. So why not putting his Don’t Fight It putting on the chain? And Runners lead me to the Velvet’s Run Run Run. I would prefer the live version of Echo and the Bunnymen.

  23. Oh dear I know I said I was switching on to sleep mode but this song has been eating away at me and seeing as no one else has come up with it the magnificent Wha! Heat and ‘seven minutes to midnight’……… feel free to delete or exclude another of my sugestions

  24. I wanted to go with the Beauvoir-referencing lyric to link to Lloyd Cole but Swiss Adam from Bagging Area got there first. So…

    …why aren’t more people going with Robin? Has Jacko’s Rockin’ Robin featured on The Chain before, perhaps? I couldn’t find it, if so.

    And if we’re going with Robin, why not Neil Hefti’s Batman theme, memorably covered by The Who and The Jam?

    Both of which are okay Robin references, I suppose, but I prefer to submit “I Walk Beside You” by Beth Rowley, firstly because it’s great but mostly because it’s used to soundtrack the Beeb’s adaptation of Strike, the heroine of which is, of course, the lovely Robin.

  25. Am I right in thinking this was the last Chain Edition? If so we are up to #43, songs that follow on from Dexys’ There, There, My Dear. One of the best things on the blogosphere last Christmas was the festive edition of The Chain – We all know how onerous it was to compile every week and totally understand how it was really hard to keep up the momentum, but as a suggestion, how about just posting the song that was the actual next one in the chain and leave it to everyone else to do their thing in the comments boxes. No need to source all the songs and reprint everyone’s comments – I know you would feel obliged to throw in a few funnies and a video clip or two but it would be really easy to put together and would involve only sourcing one song!

    Just a thought and no pressure but it is missed by all and a great series.

    1. Hi, sorry, only just seen this.

      It’s very sweet of you to suggest this, and it is appreciated.

      Can you sense a “but” coming this way?

      Here it comes:

      But. I’d feel like I had cheated all those who suggested songs – and some mighty fine ones, too – when I last wrote it. (You’re right, by the way, this was the last one.)

      I love writing The Chain, but it is, as you say onerous. At the moment I haven’t got the itchy fingers to bring it back again just yet, though. Evil swine that I am, I kinda like the idea that The Chain Gang are all waiting for me to write it, some giving up hope that I ever will. I think that by making it an “it’ll happen when it happens” kinda thing adds to the appeal (well, it does for me anyway, and judging by some of the comments I got when I brought it back last time, so do they!)

      But. (See, there’s another one!) It will be back. I’ve been thinking about ways to make it as much fun for everyone, but slightly less of a pain in the backside for me to write, and I think I’ve got it. So, since there’s probably only you and I reading this, there will be an announcement in the new year, which I think you’ll like.

      In the meantime, if you want to run a one-off Christmas Chain post over at your place, I’d have no problem with that whatsoever. I can email you next song in the link if you like (it’s a belter but not in the least bit Christmassy…..)

      1. I’m reading this. And waiting. (Though I understand completely. I don’t know how you kept it up as long as you did!)

      2. Ooh, sounds exciting – Good to hear you think you’ve found a way of making it easier on yourself. We await its return with baited breath (and that’s me being serious not sarcastic, obviously). I started my series of posts travelling around the 50 states of the US this year and must admit that I’ve started to flag a bit myself with that one. The original premise was one state, one song but like with The Chain it started to grow arms and legs with long paragraphs on state factoids and multiple song choices. Pennsylvania will have to wait until the new year now!

        I had thought at one point we should take turns in hosting The Chain but none of us would really be able to do it justice so I will politely refuse your kind suggestion that I run a one-off Xmas post, especially as you think it will return in the not too distant future. Thanks for the reply though as thought you might miss it. Hope you’re enjoying the festive season so far – as of this weekend it’s all starting to get a bit too busy for my liking but happens every year so shouldn’t be surprised.

  26. I remember exactly where I was when I first heard “Dear Prudence.” Driving North of I-5, heading into Seattle, just West of Southcenter Mall. “Who the FUCK thinks they’ve got ANY right to cover this song?,” I thought to myself. Then, when I discovered it was SATB, I was like, “Oh, that’s OK, then…”

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