Late Night Stargazing

There are some artists that I’m often baffled are not better known, and tonight’s selection falls firmly into that category.

The Shortwave Set made records which they described as “Victorian Funk”, and, to give you some idea of their sound and the type of admirers they had, supported the likes of Goldfrapp, Rilo Kiley, Spiritualized and Gnarls Barkely, whilst their second album was produced by Danger Mouse.

This, though, comes from their rather wonderful debut album “The Debt Collection” and it is, well, rather wonderful:


The Shortwave Set – Is It Any Wonder

More soon.

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2 thoughts on “Late Night Stargazing”

    1. I was trying to find that out when I was writing this post, and I think it’s safe to say they’ve split: nothing released since their second album in 2009, nothing on their Twitter feed since 2011, and the link to their website on their Twitter homepage now leads to a page of garbled mix of wingdings and Japanese. A shame.

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