Figure It Out

Tonight on BBC1 sees the return of hit drama “Doctor Foster” for a second series.

I mention this not because the first series was particularly great – it was kind of okay, rescued from that terrible, terrible title and a plot with more holes than Blackburn, Lancashire by fine performances by Suranne Jones as the titular GP/woman scorned and Bertie Carvel as her duplicitous no-good husband – but because for the last few weeks, the Beeb have been running trailers for the new series which featured an absolute kick-ass of a tune.

If you ever listened to The White Stripes back when they were in their pomp and wished they would just rock out a bit more, then this tune is going to be right up your alley.

Let’s rock:


Royal Blood – Figure It Out

More soon.

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6 thoughts on “Figure It Out”

  1. It’s impressive how the bassist splits his signal up a few octaves to get a simultaneous guitar part. Sounds like at least a trio. Had to look up pictures of his pedal rig to figure out how he was doing it. Nice one, Jez!

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