Sunday Morning Coming Down

Yesterday, I posted a song by Tracey and Melissa Beehive, a cover of a Johnny Cash song, which was lifted from an album called “‘Til Things Are Brighter – A Tribute to Johnny Cash” which I described as being “one of those typically patchy tribute albums that were all the rage once upon a time.”

This description seems to have been a little misconstrued; what I meant was that typically those tribute albums, which were all the rage once upon a time, could be a little on the patchy side. I was not describing “‘Til Things Are Brighter” as patchy, though I see why it might be thought that was what I meant.

And to prove it, here’s another tune from the same album:


Michelle Shocked – One Piece At A Time

Hope that clarifies!

More soon.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. Oh the perils of blogging – Stuff can be misconstued but not easy to rectify without digging yourself a hole! Personally I liked this one and Michelle Shocked is due to put in an appearance in my American Odyssey series (bet you’ll never guess which state!?).

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