A History of Dubious Taste – 1986

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about “Take the Subway to Your Suburb”, a compilation of tracks released on The Subway Organization label.

Here, from May 1986, is another release on the same label, a three track 12″ that both my brother and I both bought copies of. On the same day.

In a loft conversion in our parents house was a communal room (it was meant for my brother and I and our friends had a room to hang out in without getting in our parents’ way), in which was housed a TV, a sofa, a couple of guitars and a stereo.

The stereo was my brother’s, one of those affairs that are designed to look like a piece of furniture, housed in a wooden frame with a tinted glass door over the tape decks, volume control and record rack, with another tinted glass lid covering the turntable.

As I always did upon purchasing a new record, I bolted up the stairs two or three at a time, bounded into the room, only to find my brother already in there, listening to exactly the same record as I’d just bought, which confused me somewhat since my copy was still in the bag I was carrying.

This one, probably one of the shortest three track 12″ singles ever released, with a total running time of under six minutes, each track a perfect example of short but sweet Buzzcocks-inspired indie greatness:


The Soup Dragons – Whole Wide World

The Soup Dragons – I Know Everything

The Soup Dragons – Pleasantly Surprised

I’ve not listened to those three tracks in quick succession for a few years, and blimey did I just enjoy doing it then.

More soon.

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3 thoughts on “A History of Dubious Taste – 1986”

  1. I’ve got that on 7″. One of the stories I bore people is I discussed the Velvets with Jim McCulloch the guitarist from Soup Dragons in my local when I was 17. I was introduced to him by a sonetime BMX bandit that I knew.

  2. Also The Soup Dragons beat Primal Scream by six months on the indie dance thing. Always seen as bandwagon jumpers, the promo for Mother Universe came out well before Loaded, granted it wasn’t remixed by Weatherall or as good but all their own work

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