Replenishing The Vinyl

It appears to be Saturday morning again, which makes it time to have a peek at what vinyl I’ve bought recently.

Today: a debut album from 1988 by a band who achieved some modicum of success with it, releasing five singles (and re-releasing a further two). I’d bought their second single on 12″ the first time it was released (in 1987, when it wasn’t a hit), and managed to give my smug “yeah, I bought that the first time it was out” an airing for the first time when it got re-released (in 1988, when it was).

Centre-stage were Tracey Bryn and Melissa Brooke Belland (you have to be careful how you write and pronounce that) who became better know as Tracey and Melissa Beehive, and there was Woody from Madness on drums.

I speak, of course, of Voice of the Beehive, and here’s some songs from “Let It Bee”:


Voice Of The Beehive – Just A City

Voice of the Beehive – I Say Nothing

Voice of the Beehive – I Walk the Earth

Voice of the Beehive – Don’t Call Me Baby

Voice Of The Beehive – Man In The Moon

Listening back to those, I don’t think they’ve aged all that badly at all, really.

As a special little treat (although you may disagree), here’s Tracey and Melissa covering Johnny Cash, from one of those typically patchy tribute albums that were all the rage once upon a time:


Tracey and Melissa Beehive – Five Feet High And Risin’

More soon.