I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays

…but some Mondays are not so bad. Like today, for example – a Bank Holiday here in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There’s only one song to post today, with apologies to my Scottish readers:


Blur – Bank Holiday

More soon.

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6 thoughts on “I’m Not Too Keen on Mondays”

  1. Since my company closed their Edinburgh office I have had to take all the English bank holidays and I used to think that this one was a waste of time what with L being at work and the boys being at school, however last year I realised it meant a day to myself. So today once I get Leo to school I will get on the scoot and off into Glasgow for the day to spend as much time as I like in Monorail and other shops of MY choosing.

  2. It’s not bank holiday here either! But we do have our equivalent of english august-bank holiday weather – it’s cloudy and only 19 degrees centigrade

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