London to Brighton (Side by Side by Side)

Over the weekend, BBC4 showed this, a program that lasted just 4:12, showing the footage taken in 1953 and 1983 of the train journey from London to Brighton, which, as any commuter using Southern Rail will confirm takes considerably longer than four minutes twelve seconds to complete.

What I thought was odd, was that they chose to show this, rather than the third edition, which also showed the journey as filmed in 2013:

If you’ve watched both of those, you’ll have noticed the addition of a different soundtrack, and the music they selected – “Star Guitar” by The Chemical Brothers – is very appropriate.

I have posted this before, but it’s always great to re-watch this, the promotional video for “Star Guitar”, directed by Michel Gondry, of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” fame, where the view from a train window is perfectly synced to fit the beats and blips of the song:

And here’s the extended version of the same tune; next time you’re on a train journey you can pop this on, look out the window and curse that life just isn’t kind enough for your own journey to the music:

Star Guitar Front

The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar

More soon.