Heard It On Film

So, whilst I was off work this week, I found myself watching/snoozing through an awful lot of TV. Here’s a short list:

  1. Storyville: Death on The Staircase on the BBC iPlayer. A courtroom documentary along the lines of Netflix’ Making of a Murderer that, at the risk of a spoiler, had me reaching for Google the moment the eighth and final part finished.
  2. Homes Under The Hammer. I cannot top Dave Gorman’s summation of this:

3. Atypical on Netflix. The story of an American teenager on the autism spectrum who decides it’s time he gets himself a girlfriend. Take home message: Jennifer Jason Leigh has still got it going on.

4. Gameshows Impossible and Tenable. Take home message: a lot of people are idiots.

5. Flog It! I mention this only because I am 99.9% sure that in one episode, filmed in Swansea’s Margam Park, Gruff Rhys from the ever wondrous Super Furry Animals wanders into the crowd watching an evaluation of a porcelain pig. I’ll be revisiting it on the iPlayer later and trying to upload it to Twitter at some point to see if anyone else agrees.

5. Love & Mercy on Netflix. This is a film which attempts to chart the recording of The Beach Boys’ seminal Pet Sounds album, Brian Wilson’s subsequent nervous breakdown (all shown in flashback), which is juxtaposed with the 1980s, when Wilson is under the guardianship of Dr Eugene Landy.

Generally, it works. Paul Dano, who plays the 60s Brian is phenomenal, as is Paul Giamatti as Landy.

But there’s a problem, and it pains me to say it. For the problem is John Cusack.

Now, I love Cusack, and I would say that 99.8% of the time, he can do no wrong (the 00.2% is deducted for his pronunciation of The Beta Band in “High Fidelity“). However, in Love & Mercy he plays the 80s Brian Wilson, and great as he is, I couldn’t get past the fact that this was Cusack, playing Brian Wilson, who he looks absolutely sod-all like.

Maybe you can suspend disbelief better than I can. If so, good on you. Fill your boots.

What I was totally on board with, however, was the Beach Boys songs which got an airing, not least this, probably my favourite song of theirs, and since it’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, with what appears to rather nice weather ahead of us, I think we can blow the dust off one more time:


The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

I wish I could post (again) Adam Buxton’s shredding of The Beach Boys’ performance of “Barbara Ann” on Later….  here, but alas it has been taken down from all platforms. If you ever stumble across it, brace yourself: I went to see Adam earlier this year and he showed it in its entirety; I laughed so hard at it that I nearly slid out of my chair (which is no mean feat for a fat old git like me).

More soon.

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10 thoughts on “Heard It On Film”

  1. Glad you’re feeling a lot better – Tricky popping up on the blogosphere as you say when your boss is a follower, not that you’d have been able to string a coherent sentence together anyway of course.

    Haven’t watched Love and Mercy yet and as I usually enjoy your recommendations, look forward to doing so. Thanks for the heads up.

      1. I’m sure I will – Not had any more time for Detectorists this week between writing up 15 years worth of procedures at work, blogging, setting up our new business, blogging, looking after the “olds”, blogging, housework, blogging…..

        You get the picture! Just as well you didn’t publish a Chain as might not have had time to read it.

      2. Just finished watching Love and Mercy. Cannot believe what Brian went through but so glad there was a happy ending. Paul Dano was excellent and how great was it being able to watch the genius at work during the recording of Pet Sounds (they even brought the dogs in!). Many thanks for that recommendation.

  2. Love Dave Gorman and absolutely adore that Love and Mercy poster!
    Glad you’re feeling better – but my sympathies to you re. daytime TV. I had the grave misfortune to stumble upon a few minutes of a new Noel Edmonds’ show ‘Cheap Cheap Cheap’ the other day. Honestly, catch it if you can just to experience the sheer disbelief – and to challenge yourself to just how many minutes and seconds you can endure. I thought I’d entered some strange parallel universe in which parody had become reality – it’s unbelievable.

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