Late Night Stargazing

I’ve been greatly enjoying the re-runs of BAFTA winning BBC sit-com ‘Detectorists’ recently, and am very happy to learn that a third series is imminent.

If you’re not familiar with (it’s on Netflix if you fancy catching up), it follows Andy and Lance, members of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club, which, granted, doesn’t sound particularly amusing. But it’s a wonderful ensemble piece, perfectly acted by all concerned, written and directed by, and starring Mackenzie Crook (as Andy), who you’ll probably know better as Gareth Keenan, the ex-Territorial Army paper salesman and butt of many jokes in ‘The Office’.

And it’s the theme tune to ‘Detectorists’ that I’m featuring tonight; a lovely little folk song that every time I’ve watched the show I’ve promised myself I’d track down, and then forgotten all about until the next time it was on. But finally, I’ve got round to seeking it out.

If you like the songs by Nic Jones that have cropped up on The Chain (editions #8 and #29 in case you’re interested) than I reckon you’ll quite like this too.


Johnny Flynn – Detectorists

More soon.


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11 thoughts on “Late Night Stargazing”

  1. I can guarantee you’ll have a comment from C as soon as she sees this as she’s been raving about this show over at her place. We’re all caught up with the other stuff we watch at the moment so definitely time to seek this one out.

    Amazed you still have time for other posts/series with all that Chain graft you must be putting in!

  2. I could say it’s more Ralph McTell than Nic Jones. But that would just be a smart-alec comment and way beneath me. I do see a Nic Jones influence there and am totally unfamiliar with the works of Ralp McTell with the exception of Streets Of London.

    1. Sorry to jump in Jez but for years I confused Ralph McTell’s Streets of London with Peter Sarstedt’s Where Do You Go To My Lovely where the “Back Streets of Naples” are mentioned. Both around at the same time and both chaps with a guitar. Had there been more visuals in those days I would have known that one of them had a stupendous moustache (and it wasn’t Ralph McTell).

  3. A great theme song from a lovely, gentle comedy series – a genre at which British writers and actors seem to excel.

  4. Ah yes (you’re right, Alyson!) I adore Detectorists and could go on about its merits forever. A lot of love for it generally in this corner of t’internet too, great to see a few others writing about it. Frustrated at having to wait 2 weeks for the last episode of Series 2, though – they’re such teasers, those BBC schedulers – still, it’s finally getting aired this Tues apparently so really looking forward to it, and Series 3.
    It’s funny, I’m not sure what I would have made of the Johnny Flynn song had I heard it on its own, it might not have grabbed me – but now, inextricably associated with Detectorists I love everything about it too. It’s great when that happens, when you’re opened up to something unexpectedly and it becomes special in its own right. I was very impressed by Johnny’s cameo appearance as Johnny Piper in the first series too – and he was much younger than I expected!

    1. Nice to see the word about Detectorists spreading!

      Am also annoyed at having to wait for the last episode of Series 2 – how can the BBC schedulers be so cavalier with such a gem? I even had a slightly manic trawl around the iPlayer thinking I’d missed it somehow.

      On the plus side, I was pleased to see you call it Series 2, and not “Season” 😉

      Went to the beach yesterday, watched a little girl with a bright blue detector – her dad set up her and off she went. Ten minutes later she came running back, shouting “I found metal, I found metal!” I resisted the urge to call out, “What you got?”, Andy/Lance style, but didn’t need too – as she got closer I could see she was proudly holding aloft… a six-inch tent peg. One for her first finds table, perhaps.

  5. Just watched episode 1 of Detectorists on the basis of your recommendations so got the ball rolling with it – Think I can see where you’re all coming from but it usually takes a wee while to really get into things like this. So far so good though and heard the Johnny Flynn song at the beginning of course.

    Keep those recommendations coming!

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