The Chain #41

Never let it be said I’m not a man of my word.

For here we are, a week later, and The Chain is back! Back!! Back!!! (again) for another instalment.

Truth be told, I was totally blown away by the response I received to last week’s edition, so blown away that I almost went full on Sally Field. So y’know, cheers.

I’m also delighted that not only have a couple of old Chain Gang friends chipped in this week, but we also have three new members to welcome aboard.

Before we go any further though, some admin, and I need to add a new rule to the ten I posted last week, namely this:

11. The same artist can feature twice in the same week, but only if suggested by different people. In other words, if you suggest two songs by the same act, I’ll ask you to just pick one of them; if you don’t reply, I’ll pick for one for you.

Actually, this is an old rule that I forgot to include last week. One of you nearly came a cropper with this one, but just about managed to dodge the bullet. You’ll see what I mean.

Ok, so we have 49 new songs (count ’em!) and over three and a half hours worth of tunes to get through this week, and there’s some real treats, including a couple of acts I was surprised to find featuring in The Chain for the first time, some commercially unreleased live stuff, a couple of songs which have featured here before under different guises, a couple of real rarities (I think), a contender for Worst Record In The History of Everything Ever, and – and I mention this now to introduce some totally unneccessary tension and excitement into proceedings – one of you correctly guessed the next record in the Official Chain.

So let’s kick things off with a reminder of the last source song, that is the song that you were all providing suggestions to this week:

20140211-18431840. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

And where better to start than with a new member of The Chain Gang? Ladies and Gentleman, please rattle your manacles and give a warm welcome to GMFree:

“The most obvious songs that I thought of first were ‘God Only Knows’ by James…”

Now, in the same way that I think if you’re going to cover a song you should try and do something interesting with it, by the same token I think that if you’re going to write a song and give it the same name as universally loved classic, then it is undoubtedly going to be compared to said song, so you’d better make sure yours is good….


James – God Only Knows

“…and….” Whoa there, GM! We’ve not finished with the songs also called “God Only Knows”.

Over to you The Swede (of Unthought of, though, somehow):

“From ‘God Only Knows’ by The Beach Boys to…..’God Only Knows’ by Joe Henry – same title, different song, fortunately a quite lovely one.”

He’s not wrong, you know:


Joe Henry – God Only Knows

Now to the first of my oh so many suggestions this week. Imagine Yoda is reciting the name of the source song, he’d probably refer to it like this:


Young Fathers (feat. Leith Congregational Choir) – Only God Knows

Time for Dirk of sexyloser fame to contribute:

“‘God Only Knows’? So what does he know? Well, he knows it’s true, obviously … so I’ll go for Teenage Fanclub”

Now, strictly speaking, I should be disallowing this suggestion, because this song has featured on The Chain before, back in edition #32, to be precise. However, I’m going to allow it this week for three reasons: firstly, it ws me who suggested it last time; secondly, I posted a Peel Sessions version last time and this time I’m posting the original, and thirdly, because last time it featured I had changed one word in the title from “God” to “Gourd” so that it linked to the source record (XTC’s “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead”, in case you’re interested).

In other words, this is totally fine:


Teenage Fanclub – God Knows It’s True

What else does God know? Let’s ask David Bowie, who has probably found out whether he was right by now:


David Bowie – God Knows I’m Good

That song title in no way references my Gourd pun earlier, by the way.

Next up, it’s Martin from New Amusements, and he’s going all deep and meaningful on us:

“‘God Only Knows’ has one of the most honest first lines in songwriting history, I’ll throw in ‘Honesty’ by Billy Joel.”


Billy Joel – Honesty

Ok GM, the floor’s yours again:

“…and ‘Lord Only Knows’ by Beck, there is a great version from his Union Chapel show in 2003 which includes harmonica and merges into Hot In Here (Herre !?) in a way only Beck can do.”

You mean this, I presume:


Beck – Lord Only Knows & Hot In Here (Live at Union Chapel)

We’re into not commercially released stuff with that one, as far as I know. Any chance to feature Beck, and moreover Union Chapel, my favourite venue in London, will be gratefully seized.

Next up, it’s over to The Beard, who provides one of his usual interesting links:

“God Only Knows is featured in the film Boogie Nights. The film centres around the supremely endowed Dirk Diggler, played by Mark Wahlberg. He also starred in ‘Four Brothers’ which is pretty much a remake of the John Wayne driven western ‘The Sons Of Katie Elder’. John Wayne? Motherfuck him as said Public Enemy on Fight The Power.”


Public Enemy – Fight the Power

Speaking of John Wayne, he also starred in the original release of ‘True Grit’ along with the next artist. Over to you, Alyson (of What’s It All About?):

“In light of [last] Tuesday’s sad news of the death of Glen Campbell, and the fact he stood in for Brian Wilson in 1964 as a Beach Boy, I am reminded of his song ‘Galveston’ which always makes me think of a beach because of the following lines:

‘I still hear your sea waves crashing
While I watch the cannons flashing
I clean my gun
And dream of Galveston.’

I know we’ll all have heard it a lot over the last couple of days but I never tire of these songs of his.”

To be fair, Galveston is one of a clutch of Campbell’s records that I don’t think many of us will get tired of hearing:


Glen Campbell – Galveston

And so we seem to have made the seamless move from songs which reference ‘God Only Knows’, to songs which link to members, full or part time, of The Beach Boys. So what next?

George has the answer:

“Can I propose a third song that is really, really shit?” he asks.

Yes, I know you haven’t heard his first two suggestions yet. I choose the order the songs feature in, and I want to post his third (really, really shit) suggestion first.

As I pointed out to George in the Comments to last week’s edition, he doesn’t normally ask permission.

“It’s by Wilson Phillips…….one of whom is a relation of a Beach Boy…….and the song is ‘Hold On’. But feel free to disqualify it because it is simply too dreadful.”

George is fully aware that a record being dreadful, or shit, or shittily dreadful, is not enough to preclude it from The Chain. For here, we embrace the dreadfully shit (by which I categorically do not mean Donald J Trump, who we try to keep at arms length at the very least).

And besides, I’ve listened to this – and all of the suggestions – a lot over the last week, and I’ve grown to quite like this:


Wilson Phillips – Hold On

Actually, two of Wilson Phillips are the daughters of Brian Wilson; I expected someone would suggest a record by the parents of the third member, but nobody did, so I may as well:


The Mamas & The Papas – Creeque Alley

“God Only Knows”, of course, features on The Beach Boys album “Pet Sounds”, so how about a couple of suggestions which link to that? Step forwards The Great Gog, who I see has now got as far as starting his own blog, but hasn’t yet got round to writing anything on it just yet. He’s probably got far more important things to be getting on with, like suggesting this kind of thing:

“I’ll go with the fact that ‘God Only Knows’ features on the album Pet Sounds. This album also features a track called ‘Caroline, No’. Whenever I spot this on the album, I always think of the similarly titled Talk Talk track, ‘Does Caroline Know?’ – not surprising really as I owned the ‘It’s My Life’ album some time before I acquired Pet Sounds.”

‘Pet Sounds’ is one of those albums, I think – or at least it is to me – that I knew what a great album it is long before I actually got round to listening to it, let alone owning a copy. I don’t think I actually heard ‘Pet Sounds’ until I was in my late twenties, but I remember in my early twenties having a very long discussion in the pub one night with one of my friend’s younger brother’s friends about how amazing it is, without him realising I’d never heard it. Hold the front page: Jez is a complete bullshitter shocker!

Anyway, here’s your suggestion:


Talk Talk – Does Caroline Know?

Mention ‘Caroline, No’ and I can’t resist posting this:


Kaiser Chiefs – Caroline, Yes

Bet you all thought I was going to post some Quo then, didn’t you?


Oh wait, what’s this?

God Only Knows how utterly predictable I am.

Although it does mean I can post this….

A change of pace now, and here’s Jules from Music From Magazines who I think now feels obliged to suggest something by Lambchop every time:

“‘The Book I Haven’t Read’ (Live Version) from a tour CD titled Pet Sounds suck” by Lambchop.”

This, then, would be one them there rarities I mentioned earlier:


Lambchop – The Book I Haven’t Read (Live Version)

Next up is BabyLotti:

“I’ve got to link to the best cover of one of The Beach Boys’ songs I’ve ever heard, Don’t worry baby by Ronnie Spector from the She Talks To Rainbows EP. Produced by no less than Joey Ramone”


Ronnie Spector – Don’t Worry Baby

It’s pretty hard to top that, to be fair, so let’s move on to a new batch of songs, and here’s all the God-bothering suggestions you came up with.

First out of the bag is Alex G from We Will Have Salad:

“So many gods to choose from… luckily I don’t own anything by Hermes House Band, so you’re spared that. Instead, let’s go for the god to whom I am most frequently compared (admittedly in the form “you’re no…”) and some proper old-school house: ‘No Way Back’ by Adonis.”

Shame about the Hermes House Band; I’ve got loads of gags about the Hermes parcel delivery service all lined up and ready to go.


Adonis – No Way Back

The rest of you stick to referencing songs with ‘God’ in the title, so let’s work our way through them.

First up, a song which we featured a cover by Tricky of back on The Chain #37. Nevertheless, it’s the original version suggested by Martin of New Amusements so it’s in:

“Going the God route, with ‘Dear God’ by XTC…” 


XTC – Dear God

“…and…” Whoa there, Martin! We’ve not finished with the songs that have God in the title.

First, we’re going back to The Swede for his second suggestion of the week, “…another divine link of a slightly more irreverent nature…” as he quite rightly puts it:


Half Man Half Biscuit – God Gave Us Life

If any of our overseas readers would like to know who any of the people mentioned in that song are, feel free to email me, or, preferably, Google them.

Time to welcome aboard the latest member of The Chain Gang now, so Ladies and Gentleman, please click your pickaxes together and give a warm welcome to C from Sun Dried Sparrows:

“‘God Only Knows’ made me think of God, not something I do very often, for I am faithless. And then I thought of….”:


Faithless – God Is A DJ

Who else haven’t we heard from yet? Ah yes, The Robster from Is This The Life?, I wonder what he’s got to offer?

“If we’re going down the God route though, and with God supposedly living in Heaven or some such mythical place, I offer Godspeed You! Black Emperor and the title track of their seminal second album ‘Lift Yr. Skinny Fists, Like Antennas to Heaven…’.”


Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Antennas To Heaven

Remember when I said there was over three and a half hours worth of tunes this week? Well that’s almost twenty minutes of them, right there. I’d pop the kettle on if I were you.

Ok, so if we’re on songs that feature God in the title and feature an exclamation mark somewhere, then it would be terribly remiss of me not to post this:


Super Furry Animals – God! Show Me Magic

I’ll tell you who else hasn’t chipped in yet: Charity Chic from Charity Chic Music, that’s who:

“Sorry to disappoint you but there is no God,” he blasphemes, “so…”

Hold up, what did you just say?

“Sorry to disappoint you but there is no God…”

Thought so.

Pray, do continue.

‘No Gods (and Precious Few Heroes)’ by Dick Gaughan, please. JC recently posted a goose-bump inducing live version which is the one to feature”

And it’s JC’s legendary place that I visited to find the specific version CC was after, so it would be rude of me not to attribute credit where credit’s due and provide a link to his site The (New) Vinyl Villain (although if you visit me here, then I’d be really surprised if you didn’t already visit JC).

Here’s the tune:


Dick Gaughan – No Gods And Precious Few Heroes (Live)

Quite some time ago, or so it seems, I left GMFree hanging with their second suggestion, so it’s probably about time we went back and checked on them.

“I wanted to include The God Machine with the KLF cover ‘What Time is Love” but I don’t own a copy…”

You do now:


The God Machine  – What Time is Love

Although, admittedly, it’s not the best quality recording, and you kind of didn’t really suggest that one anyway, so for one time only I’m going to allow you to suggest a different song by the same artist:

“…so will offer the equally heavy ‘She Said'”:


The God Machine – She Said

And we’ll stay with GMFree for a moment longer, if we may:

“I had a habit on the much missed When You Can’t Remember Anything series to mention the great Stephen Jones almost every time, here are two from him…”

Wait a minute, what did I just say about ‘for one time only’…?

But this is the bullet-dodging suggestion I mentioned earlier, for the first of these two suggestions is by Stephen Jones recording under the name TrUcKeR and the other one…erm…isn’t (that one will be along in a bit, if you care to hang around long enough):


TrUcKeR – God is a Dead Trucker Driving to Heaven

Is it okay if I like the sleeve of that more than I like the actual track….?

Now when I posted the Public Enemy track earlier, I deliberately avoided commenting on how sad it is that a record released in 1989 about black oppression felt as relevant today as it did back then. And that’s because I knew that one of you was going to make precisely that point about a record released a lot earlier than that. So, abramson60, the stage is yours:

“I’ve been listening to a lot of Nina Simone of late so taking the God road ‘Mississippi Goddam’, a song that is sadly still relevant today when we see what happened in Charlottesville [at the weekend] and it was only last week the UK police released the appalling hate crime figures.”

So, no jokes here. Just Miss Nina Simone.


Nina Simone – Mississippi Goddam

Now, here we are, linking to songs about God, and not one of you has suggested anything by the Reverend Cliff Richard yet. The closest we get is this, from Rol of My Top Ten:

OK, my two suggestions will be as follows…

1. A song with the following lyrics…

No it’s never too late to change your mind
Don’t step on snails, don’t climb in trees,
Love Cliff Richard but please don’t tease
It’s never too late to change your mind

Thereby giving you your Cliff Richard fix even if nobody suggests him this time. Cliff and God go together, after all.



Argent – God Gave Rock And Roll To You

“…the original version…actually prefer the Kiss version, but they don’t sing the verse about Cliff. Dunno why.”

I would imagine it’s because most of Kiss’ fanbase would have no idea who Cliff is, the heathens.

Anyway, I agree with you about preferring the Kiss version, but I do really like the Argent version too, although every time I’ve heard it my little ears have pricked up as I thought something by Focus had come up on shuffle for me.

We’ll come back to Rol’s second suggestion in a bit.

That’s all the God suggestions done. Next we have a song about Jesus, but I think we need some sort of bridging song, just to reinforce the link here. This’ll do the trick:


Giorgio Moroder – Son Of My Father

And so to Jesus, and, more specifically, to Martin of New Amusements again. Martin’s not the Messiah, but he knows another Martin who thinks they must be.

“And the son of God route with…”


Martin Rossiter – I Must Be Jesus

“…because it’s ace.”

He’s right, you know.

For the uninitiated, Mr Rossiter was the lead singer of Gene (who I adore) and I cannot recommend the album that track comes from (‘The Defenestration of Saint Martin’, in case you can’t make it out from the image above) highly enough. An over-looked gem, in my opinion. Seek, and ye shall find.

Which leads us on to God’s greatest adversary, and we’re heading back to GMFree’s seemingly never-ending list of suggestions, which is for this:


Tori Amos – Father Lucifer

Now GMFree mentioned the much missed When You Can’t Remember Anything blog a little earlier, and regular visitors to these shores will know that the writers of that now deceased blog, SWC and Badger, often contributed here. So I was delighted when SWC got in touch to make some suggestions again this week, although the first one he doesn’t really suggest, more wonders out loud about it, which he knows full well is too much for me to resist:

“I need to decide whether to go down the beach route the boy route or the God route. I thinking if ‘God Only Knows’ then perhaps ‘Better the Devil You Know’ but I may change my mind.”

Too late! And count yourself lucky I picked this one and not the song of the same name by professional Scouser Sonia:


Kylie Minogue – Better The Devil You Know

Which leads us nicely on to our third new member of the Chain Gang. Ladies and Gentlemen, will you please be upstanding and straighten out your natty suits with arrows on them for KC:

I’d like to suggest ‘The Lord’s Favorite’ by Danish wunderkind iceage and I’ll apologise for the use of the word wunderkind, that was how SWC described them to me.”

That’s the way to do things: if in doubt, blame SWC.


Iceage – The Lord’s Favorite

Now many of you will recognise KC from her posts on SWC and Badger’s site; she was, if I recall correctly, a relative newcomer to writing and her posts were really rather excellent, so it’s a shame she no longer has a platform to show off her talents. So KC: if you want to continue to write, and haven’t had any other offers to do so elsewhere, drop me an email, you’d be more than welcome to contribute here. Just until the boys get bored and resurrect WYCRA, of course.

God…Lord…Jesus…Lucifer…all suggestions of Biblical proportions. Which leads me back to Rol for his second suggestion, which is this “…because it’s ace.” Have you and Martin been copying each other’s superlatives? You have, haven’t you? You’ve both let me down, you’ve let the class down, but most all you’ve let yourselves down.

Good job both of your ace suggestions really are ace:


Nickie Lee – The Ten Commandments Of Man

Okay, so having covered the ‘God’ aspect of ‘God Only Knows’, perhaps it’s time to focus on links to one of the other two words in the title, namely ‘Knows’. Here’s Rigid Digit from Stuff & Nonsense

“The Beach Boys tell us that ‘God Only Know’s, but Robert Plant asserts that ‘Heaven Knows’ (which is arguably the same thing?)”

Arguably, but it’s getting late.


Robert Plant – Heaven Knows

Now as a die-hard fan of The Smiths, mention of a song title that starts with the words “Heaven Knows” sets by clogged up heart beating a little bit faster, for it gives me an excuse to post this:


Sandie Shaw – Heaven Knows I’m Missing Him Now

Ha ha, fooled you!

Sorry, Rigid, you were saying?

“Marillion then confirm the original statement by saying…”


Marillion – He Knows You Know

Time to dust off my Chain Catchphrase. Well, if you’re suggesting that, then – altogether now – I’m suggesting this:


Goldie Lookin Chain – You Knows I Loves You

Moving swiftly on, a couple of you, taking the Boys from The Beach Boys, decided to flip it over to the fairer sex. Here’s George:

“I was going to suggest ‘Girls Girls Girls’ by Sailor but I changed my mind….”

Good job you did, for I’d definitely have to disqualify that one, as it featured in The Chain #35

So, have another go: “…going from Boys to Girls, and The Moments song ‘Girls'”.

Now, every version of that song that I could find credits it to The Moments & The Whatnauts, so I’m hoping this is the tune you were after:

Moments & Whatnauts

The Moments & The Whatnauts – Girls

And here’s SWC with an actual, proper suggestion, and it’s no coincidence that I first heard this song because of a post on When You Can’t Remember Anything:


Girls – Vomit

And as you can see, that features on an album called ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ which makes that a Double-Linker. Points!

So, having exhausted those suggestions too, let’s have a look at some Boys. And one of you got very excited at the prospect. Hello Kay, who shortly after posting her suggestions, sent me a text to say she was worried it made her sound like, and I quote “a right creepy perv”.

See what you think, readers:

“I’m going for the theme boys – so many to choose from. Maybe….” 


Duran Duran – The Wild Boys



Wham! – Bad Boys

“…(I am of a certain age)…”

Nothing pervy about a woman of a certain age liking her boys wild and bad. And from the 1980s.

“…but I suppose I should go with the first song I thought of which linked to the Beach Boys and that’s…”

Brace yourself everybody. It’s Worst Record of the Week time, and if this isn’t one of the Worst Records in the History of Everything Ever, then I’d like to know what is. No scrub that, I really wouldn’t.


Sabrina – Boys (Summertime Love)

Quick, somebody else suggest something. GMFree, you must have a few hundred more up your sleeve, surely?

“Thinking about a link to Beach and Boys lead me to ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ by The Cure included on Standing On a Beach comp, along with the b-side ‘The Exploding Boy’.”

I’ve warned you about this already….

I’ll pick the more unknown one of those two, which featured on the B-Side of the band’s wonderful “In Between Days” single:


The Cure – The Exploding Boy

Which leads us nicely on to our last cluster of tunes, which relate to the Beach in The Beach Boys. Here’s George for his final suggestion:

“…from Beach to Sand, and…”


Giant Sand – You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory

In case you’re interested, that’s the other song which has featured on The Chain before, but then it was performed by Ronnie Spector and came from the very same EP as the one BabyLotti suggested earlier.

Let’s have GMFree’s last suggestion, the other one by Stephen Jones, which you’ll recall I’m allowing because he released it under his Baby Bird moniker, as opposed to the TrUcKeR of the earlier suggestion:


Baby Bird – Aluminium Beach

Over to SWC for his second suggestion now:

“For the beach link I’m going to say ‘Pure Shores’ by All Saints as it’s on the soundtrack to the film ‘The Beach’.”

And because it’s ace, as Rol and Martin might say. (Because it is.)


All Saints – Pure Shores

Let’s see what else Alyson has conjured up on the beach theme next:

“The other song that came to mind straight away was this one, pure cheese…from back in the early ’70s when this kind of thing was all over the airwaves!”


The First Class – Beach Baby

Which, cheese or not, is also ace. And it gives me the chance to post this, my final suggestion of the week. And it may seem an odd one to go to, but some of you will have spotted the reason for the link when listening to that last tune:


Strawberry Switchblade – Since Yesterday

Did you spot it, readers?

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, beaches.

This, then, The Robster’s final suggestion:


Kirsty MacColl – He’s On The Beach

Isn’t that ace too? We went through a phase a while ago of having a record by Kirsty pretty much every week on the Chain, but that’s the first time she’s featured in ages. Sort it out folks.

And from an artist who used to feature regularly to the band I was surprised has never featured before, so many thanks to abramson60 for rectifying that with this absolute belter:


Ramones – Rockaway Beach

Seriously, think of how many albums the Ramones have released, and how many songs of about two minutes that means they’ve recorded. This is the 41st edition of The Chain. How did we get this far without them cropping up?

Which leads me to the final suggestion of the week. Which just so happens to be next song in the Official Chain.

Here’s their link:

“From the Boys on the Beach to…”

And here’s ours, as penned by KC in this Sunshine Strand:

“If Badger was here he would agree that the greatest song to feature beaches either in the band title or the song title is…” 


41. Martha And The Muffins – Echo Beach

Congratulations, KC! Points to the New Girl! The rest of you: hang your heads in shame, she’s tucked you all right up there.

So, all that leaves me to do is to thank you all again for the love you’ve shown The Chain, for your awesome (and ace) suggestions, and to ask you to do it all over again.

Your suggestions, please, for songs which link to “Echo Beach” by Martha and The Muffins, along with a brief description of the link, via the Comments Section down below, in time for the next edition.

More soon.

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  1. Ah, you spotted The Blog That Hasn’t Got Started Yet. I figured a period of leave from work would be a good time to write a bank of posts and then launch. Suffice to say, progress has been minimal as I’ve ended up doing far more D.I.Y. over the last couple of weeks than is reasonable for a man of 51.

    Anyway – Martha And The Muffins. Their follow-up to Echo Beach was called Saigon, the former name for a city in Vietnam whose new name I can’t accurately spell. This gives rise to 1) Vietnam by Jimmy Cliff, 2) Paul Hardcastle’s oh-so-clever N-N-N-Nineteen (well we thought so in 1985) and thirdly on the theme of a city being named twice, Gerard Kenney’s New York City.

    Right off to see my eldest, whose A Level results I don’t yet know, but who looks happy enough on the photo his school have just tweeted…

      1. He’s in at his first choice of Uni. As to where that is – I’ll just say that Fiddler’s Dram may feature on my blog if I ever get it started.

  2. KC winning on her first attempt – I demand a steward’s enquiry!
    This week I am going to suggest Feast by Breakfast Muff a band Swiss Adam first encountered in a hungover state in Monorail records in Glasgow.
    And also on the Muff theme Keep on Running by the Spencer Davis Group who had Muff Winwood as a member

  3. Another awesome read and list of songs. It’ll take me the weekend to go through all of it.

    To continue on from Martha and the Muffins and a very pertinent song about women, I’d like to suggest a standout track from “This Is the Ice Age” their 3rd album, released in 1981.
    It’s called “Women Around The World At Work” – and it ROCKS!!!

    Ps – “Swimming” – from the same album – is another song worth investigating. A slow sort of jazz influenced ballad with a catchy chorus that will remain in your brain for life.

    1. Hey Lynchie. Just sorting out the tracks for this week; I know often you’re kind enough to recommend tunes by way of the Comments, but you’ve mentioned this as a Suggestion. I’m afraid I can’t allow either of these, please see rule No. 6: “Suggestions must be more than just naming a different song by the same artist. You’re clever than that.”

      Sorry! Feel free to suggest something else!

  4. As lynchiefromab says, what a selection and a great read, don’t know how on earth you pull it all together but glad you do.
    First thought – got Martha on my mind now so I’d like to offer one of those songs that surely everybody knows and surely everybody likes? – Martha & The Vandellas with Heatwave. What better time for an office clerk with a very boring job to go down to Echo Beach than during a heatwave, too? (Also love the Who’s version.)

  5. Fucking hell- I’m exhausted just reading all of that.

    The hangover muff Glasgow thing is true.

    Echo Beach takes me to The Beach (the remixed version of Blue Monday from its b-side in 83 please).
    And also Echo and the Bunnymen who sang Silver (tidal wave), a beach connections there too.

  6. A great selection of songs that will keep me going for some time.
    Thanks for the warm welcome, allowing me to bend the rules slightly and the very gentle ribbing….
    My first suggestion this week is a song written as tribute to Billy Corgan’s mother, Smashing Pumpkins – “For Martha”
    Last time, as I thought I’d gone on too long, I forgot to mention Mrs GMFree’s suggestion so this time two songs from her (which as usual are far better than any of my choices) Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Dancing In The Street (“The original and best version, although The Mamas & The Papas comes close”) and “Martha My dear” by The Beatles which she says is about Paul’s dog.
    For me of course Dancing in the Street brought to mind Mr Jagger bouncing around with Bowie, so I tried to find a link to a Bowie track, less obvious this one; Martha Mooke played in the String Quartet on “Time Will Crawl (MM Remix)” which I have on a free Mail On Sunday CD (thanks to my mother in-law)

    Mentioning Mr Jones is too easy on this occasion as Babybird was signed to the Echo label, instead I’ll just suggest one track from his 27th! album as Black Reindeer – “A Rusted Statue Of Liberty Crawls Out Onto A North Korean Beach” available through Bandcamp.
    Finally, for obvious reasons, Echo & The Bunnymen – “Nothing Lasts Forever”

    1. Hello! Just going through sorting out the tracks for this week’s Chain, and I can’t track down a copy of the MM Remix of the Bowie song you’ve suggested – any chance you can email a copy to me? (

      Cheers, and apologies for the short notice!

  7. I was rather proud of myself with my first suggestion. I went down the Muffin/Muff route, thought of Muff Winwood and the Spencer Davis Group. In spite of Martha being a girl’s name, Martha and the Muffins were all-male, so I was going to pick SDG’s ‘I’m A Man’. “Nice one,” I thought. Then saw CC had already gone for a SDG track so am left ultimately disappointed.

    So instead, I thought of up-and-coming indie band Martha from Co. Durham. Their second album ‘Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart’ contains a rather excellent song called ‘Ice Cream & Sunscreen’, which also happen to be two items you might see at a beach. Is that worthy of double points?

    1. Numpty! Martha and the Muffins were NOT all-male. What a schoolboy error. The singer was, and that’s kind of where I was coming from as most people would have assumed the singer was called Martha rather than the keyboard player.

      According to Wiki, Martha Ladly is now an academic and designer! She was also a member of The Associates. I did not know that. Anyway, sorry for my tardiness. It won’t happen again…

      1. The singer and the keyboard player on “Echo Beach” were BOTH called Martha – Martha Johnson and Martha Ladly respectively. Though I must emphasise that I am not a doctor, I believe them both to be women.

      2. I bow to your far superior knowledge Alex. Admittedly I don’t know an awful lot about Martha & The Muffins (like you’d never have guessed), but the singer’s voice does sound very male-like. But then, I once thought Thalia Zadek was male, and that the singer of Sigur Ros was female! Pah! What does it matter anyway? If Bowie taught us anything it’s that gender is irrelevent and merely a label.

      3. Having no interest in the group Ozark Mountain Daredevils beyond not objecting to occasionally hearing their hit “Jackie Blue” on the radio, up until about a month ago I had always assumed the singer was female. It turns out it’s very definitely a man, and a man who at the time had a full beard-and-moustache combo as well. (And apparently he was the drummer, not even their regular lead singer – not that I have ever knowingly heard anything else by Ozark Mountain Daredevils, so obviously I wouldn’t have known that.)

  8. Oh how I loved Echo Beach when it came out (I still do, of course) it’s impact is unsullied by Toyah’s frankly rubbish version of it (and I’m a big Toyah! fan so that’s saying something).

    Here’s my link in The Chain: Echo Beach was released in 1980 on DinDisc records, another record that was released in 1980 on Dindisc records, and one that I still have, is Electricity by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Okay, it was a re-release in 1980, but that’s the one I have and am putting forward as my link!

    *Just looking at wikipedia regarding Electricity has given me a headache, never knew there was that many versions of the song released! I have the 3rd version apparently…..

  9. A very strong set indeed. Young Fathers, Ronnie Spector, Teenage Fanclub, Bowie, Lambchop – bloody marvellous. It’s going to take me a while to get through the whole lot.

    You quite rightly make much of how awful the Sabrina tune is, but I’d rather listen to that one on continuous loop for all eternity than have to hear (and see) the Russ Abbott & Les Dennis ‘comedy’ song again. Dear me.

    Two fairly straightforward links from me this week. From ‘Echo Beach’ to ‘Echolalia’ by Cavern of Anti-Matter and from Martha & the Muffins to the lovely ‘Martha a Mair’ by Huw M. In May last year I concluded a post containing one of Huw’s fine songs, by saying that I’d return to his music soon – a promise I’ve yet to keep. I must remedy that situation.

  10. When they recorded “Echo Beach”, Martha And The Muffins’ drummer was one Tim Gane. Another Tim Gane was more famously (not *much* more famously, I admit) the lead guitarist of McCarthy and Stereolab. So I’ll go for “Should The Bible Be Banned?” by McCarthy.

  11. WOW, not only good to have the chain back and once a week, that should keep us all on our feet.
    Looks like things are getting worse and worse US of A side, can it really get any worse? My suggestion this week could well be aimed at that excuse for a human being, Trump. Martha Wainwright and Bloody mother fucking asshole. No need to explain the link?

  12. Well you are certainly back with gusto – This must have taken the whole week to put together but much appreciated. Well done also to KC for getting the next song in the chain right – Bet we’re all kicking ourselves.

    I am going for one fairly obvious link and one very tenuous one – Echo and the Bunnymen with Seven Seas (double link there if I’m not mistaken) and how about this one: Martha’s Vineyard is actually a small island off the State of Massachusetts. It faces out onto the Atlantic and it’s where they filmed Jaws. The fake shark they used for the movie was given the name Bruce and it wouldn’t be fair to George if we didn’t include a bit of Bruce on the Chain! Can’t honestly remember if it’s ever been included before but how about Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen. (We now just need something from the Clash and order will be restored.)

  13. “Martha’s Harbour” by All About Eve. A lovely song which is never played on the radio because if it was, everybody would stop what they were doing to listen, at a cost to the UK economy of several squillion pounds.

  14. Echo?
    Echo & The Bunnymen – Ian McCulloch left in 1998, but rejoined in 1993. Still a going concern, although nothing new since 2014. They’ll split permanently one day because nothing ever lasts forever
    (do you see what I did there?)

    Immediate connection – Martha, My Dear (a song about Paul McCartney’s dog)

    Plenty of Canadian bands/artist to choose from including: Rush (but who has time to listen to the whole of Side 1 of 2112?), Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Bryan Adams and Bachman-Turner Overdrive.
    Too obvious, but this bunch of Canadian one-hit wonders:
    Men Without Hats – Safety Dance

    1. Blimey. I always thought Men Without Hats were Australian.

      I think I’ve been confusing them with Mental As Anything for the last 30+ years.

  15. OK, as abramson60 stole my Martha Wainright idea, I’m going to go with my two back up plans…

    The first one leads one from the Martha Wainwright song suggested above…

    Asshole by Denis Leary

    The connection (beyond the obvious connection to Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole) is that Muffin was a Mule and a Mule is sort of like an Ass… though very slightly different.

    Secondly, because I can’t believe anyone’s suggested it yet…

    Tom Waits – Martha

    And just in case that song has featured on The Chain before, you could also choose any Tom Waits song from Mule Variations for the same reason discussed above.

    That’ll be all.

  16. I’ve not read all the comments. Yet. But I’m hoping no one has suggested a link from Martha Johnson (that would be the Martha of Martha and the Muffins) to Syl Johnson. And the song by Syl Johnson Is It Because I’m Black.

  17. For Martha, I can only build on C’s link to Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, but I’m not suggesting Martha’s version of Heatwave, or The Who’s, but The Jam’s… because you often get jam in the middle of a cake, and a muffin is a type of cake, so yes, I am making a blatant play for a double-linker (and The Jam’s version is, ahem, ace).

    Talking of muffins being a type of cake, I must also throw in Chocolate Cake by Kiwi tunesmiths Crowded House.

    I’m not going to pitch anything else for beach – that was done properly last week – but since Echo Beach was “far away in time” I’ll also lob You’re History by Shakespear’s Sister into the mix.

    Cheers, Jez – great post as always.

  18. Did you know that Echo Beach has been voted the 35th greatest Canadian song of all time? The greatest song (for my second selection on the chain) is the execrable song Four Strong Winds by Ian and Sylvia, which must surely get the Worst Song vote for this coming edition of The Chain.

  19. I’ve got another one… an echo is an acoustic phenomenon caused by sound bouncing off walls. And ceilings. And other things. But it’s the first one which concerns us here, because it leads me to suggest “Bouncin’ Off The Walls” by Matthew Wilder. Almost certainly not the official next record in the chain, methinks.

  20. Nominated to be one of the world’s most beautiful beaches back in 2012, 2014 and 2015 was Burundi’s coast fronting Lake Tanganyika: if you’ve never been there, you really have missed a treat, I can tell you!

    So obviously the correct link can only be Echo & The Burundimen (yes, it’s the Bunnymen in disguise, but still I haven’t made that [name] up, just listen to McCulloch’s intro!) and ‘Zimbo’, the 1982 Shepton Mallet live version though!

  21. ‘Echo Beach’ puts me in mind of the 1959 film ‘On the Beach’, which depicts the aftermath of a devastating nuclear war. (Not a surprising image, considering the current state of affairs, I suppose.) The film stars Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire and Anthony Perkins and is based on Nevil Shute’s 1957 novel. Anyway, as I’ll use any excuse to post some black gospel quartet music, my selection is the 1950 ‘a capella’ version of ‘Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb’ by the Pilgrim Travelers.

    Let me know how I can provide you with the song, Jez, as I couldn’t find your email address anywhere on the site.

  22. Good to have you back with the chain. Sadly missed the last edition for different reasons. Anyway here are my suggestions. My very first thought about echo took me to the Bunnymen and Killing moon. The next one that came to my mind was Tell Her You Love Her by Echosmith an American Indie Pop band. They might be forgotten but this song is still worth to listen to sometimes. There is a wonderful song by John Martyn called Big Muff an all time fave of mine. Martha takes me to Martha Wainwright a Canadian chanteuse and their song called Jesus and Mary.

  23. Sorry about being late I’ve got use to having a season to compose my thoughts.

    Beach of course can remind one of “ gulf shores” by Palace

    Echo of course can remind one of “ gulf shores” remade by Bonnie Prince Billy

    What a prankster

    His remake of his “ I see a darkness” is also a cracking number.

    Trump saw a darkness ( with no sunglasses ) but had embraced it a long time ago

    Bonnie Tyler or Mel Brooke’s “ Hitler Rap”

  24. I’ve been working my way through past editions of The Chain, missing out the dire tracks but enjoying some great tunes not heard around these parts. I just saw that my EATB song suggestion was in Chain #31 so should be disqualified; there have been plenty of other great suggestions by them though.

    1. Yeh, your EATB suggestion was one I was going to have to disqualify, I’m afraid. But The Chain won’t be appearing today as I’ve not been well so feel free to suggest an alternative

  25. Sorry to hear you have not been well Jez, I hope you are resting and feeling better very soon. I’ve continued looking through previous editions of The Chain and now have a full list of all the bands/songs appearing, quite a playlist! I won’t suggest a duplicate again! (although a couple have slipped through in the past. 😉 ) The next edition will take the total number past the landmark of 1000. To replace the repeated EATB track I thought I’d suggest their cover of “People Are Strange” by The Doors, from The Lost Boys soundtrack, produced and played on by the late great Ray Manzarek.

  26. Oh and if you don’t want to post anymore EATB tracks then the original will be more than fine, and correct the fact that The Doors haven’t been suggested before!

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