“In the End, It Took Me a Dictionary to Find Out the Meaning of Unrequited” #7

“A Short Album About Love”, a seven track record released by The Divine Comedy in 1997 was the first thing I ever bought by the band. I know, I know, late to the party as always.

I played it over and over again, causing my flatmate at the time to knock on my bedroom door to enquire if everything was alright. (It was.)

And this is the only single lifted from the album, and it sits perfectly in this series:


The Divine Comedy – Everybody Knows (Except You)

The group have a habit of releasing live (often) orchestral versions of not just their own songs but others too. For example, “Everybody Knows…” got released on three separate CDs, each one featuring an extra three live tracks.

On CD1 was a cover of their breakthrough hit single:

The Divine Comedy – Something for the Weekend

…along with a cover of this Walker Brothers classic:

The Divine Comedy – Make It Easy On Yourself

I might post some more of those soon.

Or just: More soon.


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