Acoustic Afternoons

Back in 1997, a friend of mine popped round to my house in Cardiff. The talk turned to the edition of Top of the Pops which had been on the night before. I had enjoyed the show because Teenage Fanclub had made a rare appearance on it.

My friend launched into a diatribe about one particular band who had appeared on the show who he felt were boring and derivative. He couldn’t remember their name, and as he banged on about how much he disliked them, it suddenly occurred to me that he was talking about Teenage Fanclub.

I put the record in question on and asked if this was the song he meant. It was.

We have not spoken since.

Start Again Front

Teenage Fanclub – Ain’t That Enough (T.O.T.P. Acoustic Version)

More soon.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

A classic this morning, and one which, whenever I hear, even though it’s not a song I particularly associate with them, makes me think of a particular person, so perfect are the lyrics.

Ladies and Gentleman, Mr Johnny Cash:


Johnny Cash – I Still Miss Someone

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

Mention The Chemical Brothers, and trippy, chilled out tunes suitable for posting in this series are unlikely to spring to mind.

But this came up on my iPod the other day, a song I had completely forgotten about, and which had me scrabbling to check who it was (I thought it must be Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve, which shows how much I actually know).

Turns out, it’s just, well, bloody perfect:


The Chemical Brothers – Hoops

The only problem is that I can’t hear the song title without thinking of this:

Ho hum.

More soon.