Which Reminds Me…

“Ruby Tuesday”, as mentioned in my last post, was covered by Melanie:


Melanie – Ruby Tuesday

…who is probably better known for this:


Melanie – Brand New Key

…which, well lookie here, who’d have thunk it, was “comedy” covered by….


The Wurzels – The Combine Harvester

See how this all links together? It’s almost like I planned it…

Happy Holidays, George!


More soon.

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13 thoughts on “Which Reminds Me…”

  1. Ha ha – was just going to say the same!! Very chain-like. As it turns out it’s still all there and quite enjoyed re-reading a few old Chains this afternoon. A fine body of work and very funny indeed – Had forgotten just how much George disliked The Clash and Bruce!

  2. I gave up hoping for the Shhhh. Hope just leads to disappointment.

    However, I will ask if there’s any chance you could repost British Sea Power’s Wurzels covers since I read your old post about them and can’t quite believe you didn’t mae that up.

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