Replenishing the Vinyl

There’s a reason this series is called what it is. I may have mentioned it before, if so, forgive me and skip on a couple of paragraphs whilst I run over it one more time.

Between 2008, when I moved to London, and 2012, when I moved into the flat I live in now, I lived in a shared house.

The living room housed all my music, CD and vinyl, along with a battered old stereo with a turntable and CD decks on which you could play whatever tickled your fancy.

Truth be told, the vinyl got played less than rarely, and so it was that it wasn’t until I moved into my new (current) flat that I realised the turntable no longer functioned.

Fast forward a couple of years: I have bought a new turntable, connected it up to my amp and speakers and decided that the first record I’m going to play is something by The Smiths.

This has become something of a tradition of mine; whenever I has moved home – which happened a lot, I now realise, looking back – the first thing I would do in my new pad was set up the stereo and play a record by my favourite band.

Except – where had all my Smiths album gone? And…wait…and my Wedding Present albums? And my R.E.M. albums? And my Billy Bragg albums?? And oh gosh, so much more.

All gone, and I have no idea who could have taken them. There are suspects, but nothing I can prove. But whoever took them knew what they were doing: it was like someone had worked out which records I treasured dearly and then taken them.

So when I say that I’m replenishing the vinyl, I’m actually trying to buy the records I lost, and if I get a few other bargains along the way, then fair enough, I’m owed that break.

But the thing is (Part One), I’m kinda nerdy picky about replacing the stuff I lost: for example, all of The Smiths records were the original prints on the Rough Trade label, so if I’m going to buy them again, that’s what I want, not any of the poxy re-releases.

Thing is (Part 2), the original Rough Trade releases of The Smiths records are quite expensive to replace. But I have managed to track down two so far.

And here’s a song from the first, from their debut album that I dedicate to whoever has my records:


The Smiths – You’ve Got Everything Now

Thieving bastards.

More soon.


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9 thoughts on “Replenishing the Vinyl”

    1. The scary thing about Scaramucci is that his foul-mouthed outburst is being vindicated: Priebus fired last night. “He knows the best insults. The greatest insults. He’s making American insults great again” tweeted a moron whilst having a big poo.

  1. Let’s hope that karma exists. I’m always puzzled at the price of Smiths originals as they sold in very large numbers back in the day .Contrast with how cheap the JAMC back catalogue is apart from the original Upside Down 7″. Could be that most folk who bought them have not parted with them. I was never a huge fan but have held on to the ones that I really like and got rid of the others.

    1. I think it’s the retrospective adoration The Smiths have achieved through the influence they so obviously brought to bear on the UK music scene; JAMC less so, which is a crime in itself.

  2. I feel heartbroken enough when I think of the records I’ve had to sell to survive over the years, but for you to have them stolen, by someone presumably posing as a friend really sucks. One can only hope that karmic retribution was swift and thorough.

    1. There’s three options: either they got lost in transit (unlikely…), or an ex-flatmate of ours who did a runner owing us hundreds of quids in unpaid bills, or a later flatmate had a tendency to bring drunks from the local pub back to our flat and let them sleep on the sofa. Probably the 3rd one, more likely the 2nd. And if I ever see him again….

  3. Well this is interesting as I have that original The Smiths album (it says Rough Trade 61 on the label?) – If times get tough I might be able to eat! Like you I had a fair few albums (cookery books and house plants!) disappear from my flat over the years. I lived near the centre of town and people used to come back for a bit of a party and then phone for their taxis – Sadly, those taxis also contained quite a few pieces of my vinyl, which was just rude.

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